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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions 


Who is my advisor? All students at WKU are assigned an academic advisor (Go to TopNet -  select Student Services, Registration, choose the View Advisor Information link, and this option provides the advisor's name, contact phone number, and email address). If you don't have an advisor listed, call the Academic Advising & Retention Center at (270) 745-5065 to inquire on who you should contact for advising services.

When should I meet with my advisor? In the Fall Semester, attempt to schedule a time with your advisor in mid-October. During the Spring Semester, attempt to schedule a time with your advisor during mid-March for priority registration for the following semester. Your advisor should contact you throughout the semester to remind you of upcoming important academic dates or events.

When do I register for my classes? For all information regarding registration, please go to the Registration Guide 

How do I run an iCAP report? (1) Login to your TopNet Account (2) Once you're logged in, click on "Student Services" (3) Click on "iCAP (Interactive Degree Audit)" (4) Click on "Submit an Audit" (5) Click "Run Audit" (6) Click "View Submitted Audits (7) Click "Refresh" until audit appears (8) Click on major to view audit.   For more specific information on how to read an iCAP report, please visit iCAP Tutorial .

How do I prepare to meet with my Advisor for course registration? Print a copy of your ICAP report and confirm that the major reflected in your student profile is your desired major. If so, you are ready to select the courses you need to register for the following semester in order to be on track for your degree plan. If not, follow the instructions to change your major or if you are unsure, wait and discuss those options with your advisor.

How do I register for my classes after meeting with my advisor? (1) Login to your TopNet Account (2) Once you're logged in, click on "Student Services" (3) Click on "Registration." (4) Click on "Register/Add/Drop Courses"-the screen will ask you to select a semester term (5) Scroll down to Add Classes Worksheet- enter the CRN of the classes for which you would like to register (6) Click "Submit Changes" (7) Go back to Student Services (8) Click on "Registration" (9) Click on "Student Summary Schedule"

How do I know what courses are available for me to take? (1) Login to your TopNet Account (2) Once you're logged in, click on "Student Services" (3) Click on "Registration" (4) Click on "Schedule of Classes" and "Look Up Classes to Add" - the screen will ask you to select a semester term (5) Use the dropdown menu under Search by Term to select the term in which you would like to search, Click "Submit" (6) On this page you can select by subject, instructor, day or evening courses, and campus. To do this, just highlight the important items you would like to search by (7) Once you have highlighted everything you need, then click "Class Search" (8) When you find the class you would like to take, write down the CRN, the course name, and the days and times it meets.

How do I know if I have holds on my account? (1)Login to your TopNet Account (2)Once logged on, click on "Student Services" (3)Click on "Student Records" (4)Click on "View Holds" (5)There could be three different types of information from this screen (No holds exist, an advising hold exists on your account-contact your advisor for an appointment, or holds will be listed with a phone number to contact regarding specifics to that hold)

What your advisor will expect from you:  

  1. Initiate contact with your advisor during his/her office hours, by telephone, or e-mail
  2. Arrive at appointments on time (with your cell phone turned off) and cancel appointments in advance if you are unable to meet.
  3. Talk to your advisor if you are concerned about any aspect of your university experience.   
  4. Follow through on referrals made by your advisor (e.g., a visit to the Career Services Center) and discuss suggestions made by your advisor. 
  5. Discuss important decisions or questions about your education (e.g., choice of major, change of major, change of college) well before the registration period.
  6. Come prepared for appointments.
  7. Review your degree requirements.
  8. Bring a list of courses, course sections, alternative course choices, and the meeting times of these courses.
  9. Make sure any holds are lifted (e.g., parking tickets paid, library fines paid before your date to register).
  10. Ask questions regarding internships and career plans.
  11. Ask questions about study abroad programs through WKU Office of International Programs
  12. After talking to your advisor, register for the classes you discussed.  

What you can expect from your advisor 

  1. Availability during office hours and the opportunity for individual appointments.
  2. Assistance in helping you to find academic information, including information on majors, minors, general education requirements, and other academic policies, procedures, and deadlines.
  3. Referrals to appropriate people and offices if your advisor cannot provide the necessary assistance.
  4. A meeting to discuss grades and recommendations for academic improvement, if appropriate.
  5. A meeting each semester before the registration period to help with course selection and academic planning to approve your academic schedule for the next term.
  6. Assistance in specific and correct course choices that are needed to prepare students for the particular major.
  7. Assistance in understanding the purposes of academic requirements and their relationship to a major and career plan.
  8. Assistance in helping you learn how to make academic decisions, how to discover the range of options available to you, and how to think through the consequences of choices.

How do I apply for graduation?  Login to TopNet and select the "Student Services" tab.  Select "Application for Graduation" link.  Follow the directions on that link.

How do I request Academic Renewal to remove old grades from my transcript?  Read the requirements for  Academic Renewal Policy and Form.










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