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Tutoring Video Transcript

Video Transcript

One-on-One Tutoring

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Thank you for taking the time to view this video. My name is Katie Truex and I am the Advisor here at The Learning Center. It is my goal to talk to you today about the tutoring services at TLC and, hopefully make you more comfortable with the tutoring process as a whole. Let’s get started!


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To begin, the locations we will be talking about are listed here. TLC is located on the “other” side of DUC, across from the Food Court area. This is currently the only location at TLC that offers tutoring, however, we do have two satellite locations in Residence Halls for any of your studying needs – if you are involved with an organization that requires study hours, these satellite locations are an excellent place for quiet, uninterrupted studying! But – let’s get back to tutoring. Ask yourself this question, if you haven’t seen a tutor – why not? Is it the idea of asking for help? Or, is it because you didn’t know there was FREE tutoring available? Or maybe you just haven’t felt like you needed assistance in any of your courses. Today, I hope to address whatever the reason that might be that prevented you from not seeking out tutoring thus far in your academic career.


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First, let’s talk about some of the benefits of tutoring. Our tutors at TLC are trained according to the College Reading and Learning Association guidelines. They have extensive training in conducting tutoring sessions, adapting to different learning styles, and how to actively listen to student concerns. On top of all this, tutors at TLC only tutor in classes they have successfully completed. So, you will know for sure when you come to TLC the tutor you are scheduled to see will be familiar with the material. We want to do our best to offer you a collaborative type of learning and we will try to prepare our tutors for any situation!


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It is important to know why tutoring works. The one-on-one attention is a huge bonus. You actually have scheduled time to sit down and talk to someone about your course. That in itself can be a big help. Also, our tutors may have learned the material a different way than your professor is teaching you and they can provide you with a different perspective. We have a resource room on site with several different text books in nearly all the subjects we offer tutoring for – tutors can use these resources to help present you with more than the information your professor provides. If nothing else, the tutor can assist you with an in depth review of the material. The more ways your brain processes the information, the more likely you are to retain it – the tutor can help you devise several new ways to interpret the information so that you are really learning and not just cramming!



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So – what can you expect from your tutor. As we briefly spoke about before, the tutor should be knowledgeable in the material. It is important to keep in mind, however, that the tutors are not professors. They have had the course and did well in it, they are comfortable with the material enough to assist someone with basic comprehension. The tutor is not your teacher, but should be used to supplement the knowledge you have learned already in class. It is the ultimate goal of the tutor to provide you with learning techniques, study strategies, and skills sets that will prepare you to work independently. The tutor should be giving you the tools to apply to more than just the course you came in for. It is important to note that the tutor will not do your work for you – they will help you work through it.


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What does your tutor expect from you? Well, preparedness is a huge part. A tutor is most effective if you bring specific questions or concerns. If you don’t know where the problem lies, try explaining the disconnect to your tutor and they will help you figure it out. It also helps the tutor to have any materials you are using in class, such as notes, the text book, or even PowerPoints from the professor. Also, coming in more than one time before a test is extremely helpful. You and your tutor can develop a study plan to help you attack all of the information that is needed for the test. This way, you can break things down, cover topics that you don’t understand, and then review them. Some tutors will even help you develop a study guide or a mock test – but this can’t all be done in one appointment. Our studies show that attending 3 tutoring appointments has an effect on a student’s overall grade. Make tutoring part of your regular study habits. As always, it is important to be open with your tutor. If you do not understand or if you have other concerns, communicate that to your tutor. That’s what they’re here for!


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There are several ways to set up a tutoring appointment at the learning center. You can set up an appointment online (via our website) or call our front desk at 270-745-6254. You can also simply walk-in for a tutoring appointment, however, the availability of the tutor is not guaranteed. We also offer all of our courses online – be sure to call our front desk monitors for assistance with this. They will make sure you have all of the necessary materials before the appointment. It is also important to note that, in addition to our subject based tutoring, we offer tutoring in academic skills areas such as time management and note taking. If you want to outline an entire semester, or just one specific class, with a study plan our tutors can help you do that.


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TLC is not the only location on campus that offers free tutoring. This list is just a sample of the many departmental labs on campus that can help you with core content. For a more complete list of courses visit our website at and click on Academic Assistance.


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Literally thousands of students seek help on campus every semester… you will not be alone! Don’t feel like seeking help means you aren’t smart. No one is an expert in every subject and our tutors meet with all different types of students; there is no reason to feel ashamed or scared. At TLC we want to help everyone and it’s all free to any WKU student. There‘s no reason you shouldn’t be utilizing this great service!


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Here is a list of our contact information. Thanks for watching our video. I hope you are more comfortable with what to expect from a tutoring session. Don’t hesitate to make an appointment! We’re here to help.


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