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Theatre Auditions

Auditions in the Theatre Program at WKU

B.A. in Theatre

Any student admitted to WKU may pursue the B.A. in Theatre degree.  No separate audition or interview is required.

B.F.A. in Performing Arts

We do this a little differently than some other programs.  You are not required to audition or interview before beginning the B.F.A. in Performing Arts degree.  You do have to select one of three areas of concentration: ActingMusical Theatre, or Theatre Design and Technology and you will be classified as a pre-major in that program.  From the very beginning of your first  semester you will take a full slate of B.F.A. classes.  We also want you to start auditioning for shows immediately.  In your 3rd semester (the 2nd semester for transfer students) you will audition or interview for full admission in the program.   If you’re in the Acting or Musical Theatre concentration it will be audition.  If you’re a Theatre Design and Technology student you will present a portfolio of your work.  If admitted into the B.F.A., you must participate in the Jury/Portfolio Review process and maintain a 2.5 minimum GPA.  Should you not be admitted to the B.F.A., you won’t have lost ground.  You can opt to switch to the B.A. in Theatre degree and all of the theatre and dance classes taken up to that point will move with you.  If denied entrance to the B.F.A., you also have the option to appeal that decision, or audition a second time in the following semester.  Full audition details and program requirements are contained in the JPR Handbooks.

Why do we handle B.F.A. auditions this way?  We think it gives both you and the faculty an opportunity to make a more informed decision.  By the 3rd semester you’ve had many of us as teachers and we’ve gotten to know you as a student.  Maybe we’ve even seen you in one of our shows by that point.  We also help you prepare for that audition or interview, and even give you a trial run in your 2nd semester.  That way, you’ve had a chance to decide if the B.F.A. is really for you, and we’ve gotten to know you much better than we possibly could have through a five minute, nerve-wracking, audition or interview before you’ve even started college.  It works. 

Show Auditions

Any WKU student can audition for our shows.  Audition announcements are posted to the Theatre & Dance student email list which anyone can subscribe to.  They are also posted on the callboards of the department greenrooms in GWH 114 and FAC 118.  We really don’t have any other blanket policies about auditions.  No student is guaranteed a role and no one is given preference because of their major or their seniority.  Simply put, if you nail the audition you should get the role.  Some directors like to use prepared auditions and some use cold readings.  Sometimes an audition might involve improv or theatre games.  Sometimes it’s just an interview.  No two auditions are exactly alike.  That’s how you learn to audition.  And that’s how the business works.  We want freshmen to begin auditioning as soon as they arrive on campus.  Ideally,  every student in the theatre program should audition for every show. 

Scholarship Auditions

The only scholarship in our theatre program that requires an audition or interview is the Potter College Creative Arts Scholarship.  This can take place on the WKU campus or at the GSA/YPAS College Day event in Louisville.  For more information, check out our Scholarship Opportunities page and our Creative Arts Scholarship Audition and Interview page. 

Student Film Auditions

Our Department frequently hosts WKU student film auditions. If you are a  student filmmaker we can typically reserve you a room in Gordon Wilson Hall for your audition and post your audition announcement to our listserv.

Send an email to theatreanddance@wku.edu if you want to request an audition  room.  We will need to know the date and time, as well as your name and contact information.  Late afternoons usually work best for room availability.  Please contact us at least one week in advance.  Once we've determined that a room is available we will reply with a confirmation and further instructions on how to post your audition announcement.  I'm afraid we cannot typically host film auditions for off-campus companies or organizations.  





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