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Teaching Resource Faculty Program Past Entrollees - FaCET

Teaching Resource Faculty Program


The following faculty have been awarded Teaching Resource Faculty funds for the listed projects.


  • Xiaoxia Silvie Huang “Reducing Online Learner Isolation.”


  • Soleiman Kiasatpour "Implementing a Hybrid Study Abroad Program"
  • Wren Mills "Increasing Retention in Online Education"
  • Beckie Stobaugh "Investigations into Current Assessment Practices"
  • Elizabeth Gish and Paul Markham "What the Best College Teachers Do"


  • Qin Zhao "Active Teaching and Learning"
  • Nicole Breazeale "Teaching in Multi-Campus Departments: Developing Community-Based Service and Learning Models for WKUs Regional Campuses"


  • Jeanie Adams-Smith "Multi-dimensional Teaching in a Multimedia World"
  • Bryan Carson "Copyright, Fair Use, and the Classroom"
  • Terry Wilson "Educating for Sustainability across the Curriculum Faculty Development Retreat"
  • Fred Siewers "Place as Text: Advancing Experiential Learning at WKU"
  • Ginny Pfohl "Reaching & Teaching the Millenials: Helping Today's Students Become More Effective Learners"
  • Jennifer Montgomery "Assessing Instruction for the Use of Critical Thinking and Technology"
  • George Kontos "Learning about online social media and their role in education"
  • Shana Pack "WE-ALL-LEARN"


  • George Kontos, "Online Teaching and Learning: Connecting with Adult Learners"
  • Shana Pack "Jossey-Bass Online Teaching & Learning Conference Online"
  • George Kontos "E- Teaching and E-Learning"
  • Lee Ann Smith "Best Practices with Clickers"
  • Sally Kuhlenschmidt "Faculty Collegiality & Book Club"
  • George Kontos, "Learning about Virtual Environments and their Role in Education"
  • Shana Pack & Ginny Pfohl, "Roles and Responsibilities of University Educators:  Avoiding Co-dependency"
  • Barb Kacer "Writing and Critical Thinking as They Interface With Online Instruction
  • "Terry Elliott, "Using Online Browser Extensions to Aid Student and Faculty Research:  Zotero Training"
  • Soleiman Kiasatpour, Guy Jordan, & Nancy Dawson, "Implementing a WKU Faculty-Led Multi-Disciplinary Study Abroad Program"


  • Paula Quinn "An Instructional Model for Storytelling Utilizing Multimedia Platforms"
  • Laura McGee "Place as Text: Developing Approaches to Teaching Abroad that Engage Students with Target Cultures"


  • Judith Szerdahelyi "Technology in Support of Student Success: Using Student-Produced Multimedia Projects for Motivation, Engagement, and Active Learning"
  • Gary Villereal "A Positive Learning Model"
  • Deborah Logan "Education in India: English-language instruction and International Student Learning"
  • Lakeisha Meyer "Teaching race and Culture: Improving College Instruction and Preparing Students to Work in a Diverse Society"


  • Laura McGee ''Teaching Film Across the Curriculum"
  • Emmanuel Iyiegbuniwe "Miami and the Everglades: Built and Endangered Environments"
  • Cassandra Pinnick "Learning How to Learn: Practical Implications for Learning Methodologies"
  • Marilyn Gardner "Teaching Square Professors"


  • Jeanie Adams-Smith "Teaching Visual Literacy: Applying Techniques Used from the Photographic Front lines"
  • Alexander Barzilov "Combining Active Learning Strategy with Audience Response Technology"
  • Molly Kerby "Come Together Kentucky Conference teaching track"
  • Inmaculada Pertusa, Melissa Stewart "Developing Rich-Media Content Materials for the E-Learning Environment", co-funded with Academic Technology.
  • Rich Weigel & Department "History Department Faculty Seminars on Teaching"


  • Ted Hovet & Ken Kuehn "An Interdisciplinary Approach to Student Reflection"
  • Robyn Swanson "Best Teaching Practices for Cross Disciplinary Connections"
  • "Wakonse Conference on College Teaching"
  • "Course Redesign: A Symposium at UK"


  • Miwon Choe "Metaphor as a Lens and as a Tool"
  • Donna Blackburn "Creative Teaching for Nurse Educators"
  • Timothy Miller "Part 2: Pilot for Mathematics 100c: An Interactive Mathematics delivery"
  • Carol Watwood "Web-based Health Information"
  • Steve Wininger & Sally Kuhlenschmidt "Evaluation Practices of College Teachers"
  • Judith Szerdahelyi "Developing Digital Dimensions: From Web-Enhanced Courses to Digital Publications"


  • Timothy Miller "Pilot for Mathematics 100c: An Interactive Mathematics delivery"
  • Shula Mussnug "Teaching Online in Higher Education"
  • Katrina Phelps "Critical Thinking Resources for Freshman Seminar Instructors"
  • Nathan Phelps "Strengthening Learning Communities at WKU"
  • Patty Randolph, Ted Hovet, Darleen Pigford "New Gateways to Faculty, Instructional and Organizational Development at WKU"
  • Byron Sleugh "Technology, Social, and Economic Issues in Agriculture"


  • Penny Papangelis, Susan Jones, Patricia Bailey "UK Symposium"
  • Becky Tabor and department "Clinical Teaching Calibration"
  • Katrina Phelps "Women in Mathematics from a Historical Perspective"
  • Bryan Carson "Intellectual Property"


  • Zubair Mohamed "Teaching Productions/Operations Management in the Enterprise Resource Planning Era"
  • Katrina Phelps "Support for Women in Trades, Technology and Science"
  • Byron Sleugh "Case Studies in Science Summer Workshop"


  • Lynn Austin "NSF-Sponsored Case Studies in Science Workshop"
  • Carol Graham "Learning Communities: A Means for Improving the Quality of Undergraduate Education at WKU"
  • Catherine Schuster "Instructional Issues in Human Sexuality"
  • Stacy Wilson "Moving from Teacher-Centered to Learner-Centered Education"


  • Cathy Carey "Development of a Searchable Database Web Page of Ideas for Enhancing Teaching and Learning Through the Use of New Learning Technologies"
  • Thad Crewes "Constructivist Guide to Teaching and Learning"
  • Judith Hoover & Cecile Garmon "Providing Enhanced Learning Opportunities for the Distant Learner"
  • Dean May "Attending Social Work Education Faculty Development Workshop - Student Learning Styles"
  • Kay Payne "Women's Studies Delegation to South Africa"


  • Dorsey Grice "Enhancing College Instruction via Broadcast Radio"
  • Katrina Phelps "Development of Course Materials for the Freshman Seminar"
  • Shula Ramsay "Attending the Summer Institute AAHL Teaching Learning & Technology Roundtable - Classroom Assessment"
  • Joyce Rasdall "Enhancement of Visual Presentations of Faculty & Student Productivity"
  • Doug Schutte & department "Building Expertise in Case-Based Learning to Prepare for Accreditation"
  • Linda Todd "Interactive Multimedia"


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