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WKU Faculty-Led USA: Faculty Resources

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Planning a Faculty-Led Course in the United States


Guiding Principles

Successful faculty-led programs are guided by these principles.

  1. Courses should provide rich academic content and opportunities for personal growth, while also improving cultural awareness.
  2. Planning, well in advance of a program start date, increases the likelihood of achieving the intended learning outcomes.
  3. The chosen destination(s) must be central to the clearly defined learning outcomes.
  4. Student safety requires preparation in all phases of development and implementation.
  5. Faculty should not handle individual student money.
  6. Electronic processes would ideally replace paper processes.
  7. Faculty-Led programs are a shared responsibility.


Getting to know those involved with faculty-led programs

The faculty-led program model enables faculty to focus on academic content and student recruitment, while support units invest the time, energy, and expertise administratively supporting your program. Faculty do what they are trained to do – provide outstanding academic experiences for students – while program coordinators set up programs, manage budgets, and oversee risk management.

Study Abroad & Global Learning: In Spring 2019, the Office of Study Away merged with Study Abroad & Global Learning. SAGL staff provide collaborative administrative support, logistical oversight, budgeting, financial management, and marketing with faculty leaders, their departments, and colleges. Program Coordinators work directly with program leaders on the creation and management of their faculty-led programs. 

Program Leaders: the faculty and staff who serve as the instructors and on-site administrators. They share in the development, implementation, post program reporting, and financial reconciliation of the program. To increase the likelihood of a successful program, program leaders are expected to share responsibilities and to participate actively in all phases of the program.


Faculty-Led USA Course Characteristics

  • Program location(s) do NOT require a passport.
  • Offer at least one WKU credit course taught by a WKU employee.
  • Course(s) are set-up in Banner with specific characteristics that differentiate them from on-campus courses.
  • Customarily offered in WKU's winter term or summer session. However, program activities during either the fall or spring academic terms are possible and would be handled on a case-by-case basis.
  • Courses offered through third-party providers or consortia to which WKU belongs, even if led by WKU faculty, are outside the scope of domestic faculty-led programs. 


Ways We Partner With You

We are here to help make your program work by partnering with you on:

  • Program development travel grants
  • Consultation in program design
  • Billing and Budgeting
  • Marketing support
  • Application Management
  • Student registration
  • Travel coordination
  • Risk Management & Emergency response
  • Student Scholarships



Recruiting students is a joint effort among the faculty leaders, the academic departments and colleges, and Study Abroad & Global Learning. WKU faculty members have a wide sphere of influence and can generate a lot of interest in your programs. Word-of-mouth enthusiasm can spread among other students, working to your advantage.

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 Last Modified 7/19/19