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tutle in hawaii


Course Design


A solid learning plan places a priority on the academic learning outcomes determined by the destination(s).

The plan should address the goals of providing:

  1. meaningful academic content,
  2. opportunities for personal growth,and
  3. improved cultural awareness.


Designing Faculty-Led USA Courses

  • FLP USA courses are WKU credit-bearing course for which a substantial portion of the course includes travel to destinations in which a US citizen does not need a passport.
  • These courses are either led by or with approval of WKU faculty or other appropriate WKU employee.
  • A FLP USA course is set-up in Banner with specific attributes that define it as a FLP USA course.
  • Most courses are offered in the Winter or Summer, with some occurring withing the Spring and Fall semesters (considered faculty-led embedded courses).


Colonnade Courses

Colonnade courses are an important component for WKU faculty-led programs.  The Connection level in particular are well suited for faculty-led programs or you may want to create a new Colonnade course specifically designed for your program.

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Graduate Section

Program leaders may wish to add a graduate section as well.  Again, a separate syllabus is normally included in the proposal.


Honors Course Options

Honors Augmentation

If the course is an upper-division, faculty-led course, then student can do an Honors Augmentation contract.  There does not need to be a different syllabus.  The student contracts the project with the professor, and then it is approved by the Honors College before the start of the summer term.

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Honors Embedded Section 

Or you may choose to offer an embedded Honors section (HEEC).  For this, a separate syllabus with the additional Honors requirements is included with the proposal.  It is best to contact the Honors College for details on how best to create an honors section.

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