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Healthy Hilltopper Pledge:


The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically impacted every American’s daily lives.  WKU, the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the nation have taken serious steps that have slowed the spread of the virus and saved countless American lives.  As the nation slowly and cautiously reemerges from “shelter in place,” students, faculty and staff will be returning to the WKU campus.  We all want to maintain a healthy community. The return to campus is an educational necessity and is grounded in trust.  As community members, we trust the university will take actions to help protect the health and safety of every member of our campus and Bowling Green community.  At great expense, the university is making many modifications to help protect us all.  However, the actions of each individual on campus will ultimately determine the health of our Hilltopper community.  We trust that all members of our community who chosen to return to our residence halls, classrooms, meeting rooms and offices will do their best to ensure the safety of all community members and themselves.  

We ask every member of our community to make this pledge:

As a member of the WKU community, I have both a personal and shared responsibility to protect the health and safety of all members of our community—including future Hilltoppers. Consequently, I am making the:

Healthy Hilltopper Pledge

As a Hilltopper, I have the privilege to engage, either individually or in association with others, on and off-campus, in various academic and co-curricular activities, exercising rights as a member of this community. When so engaged, there exists an extraordinary responsibility to take steps to protect the health, safety and welfare of self as well as that of others. Consequently, I commit to:

Engage in practices that will aid in the safety of self, other students, faculty and staff on and off-campus. (i.e., wearing masks, practicing social distancing when applicable, and washing my hands)

Respect the rights and property of others, including other students, the faculty and  administration.

Stay informed of and adhere to established University policies and community standard of behaviors.

Monitor my own health and safety and to be an active bystander who will help fellow Hilltoppers in their quest for health and safety by following University guidelines and expectations.

Avoid actions involving insubordination, refusal to comply with directions, or reasonable requests of a University official. Failure to comply with the Big Red Restart Plan may be considered a violation of the Code of Student Conduct.

I respect that the University reserves the right to take necessary and appropriate action to protect the safety and wellbeing of the campus and community. This includes the right to suspend or expel, or request withdrawal for failure to comply.

Therefore I acknowledge my actions from this point forward will:

Take the appropriate steps in reducing the risk of spreading illness.

Assume responsibility for my own health and the health of my fellow Hilltoppers and the Bowling Green Community by practicing behaviors to minimize the spread of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases as identified by the CDC and instructed by WKU.

Be guided by the principles of the policy and guidelines as a citizen of this WKU community. 

Be of high standards both in and out of the classroom; both on and off campus.

Take the responsibility to respect the rights of others, including other students, the faculty, staff and the administration. 

Respect others in the greater Bowling Green community. 

Take the responsibility to recognize my actions reflect upon whom I represent and upon the entire university community whose health and safety is of the utmost importance.

Acknowledge my rights as a student to expect an education of the highest quality and the right of freedom to hear and participate in dialogue and to examine diverse views and ideas.

Adhere to the Healthy Hilltopper Pledge.

Please consult The Student Handbook online at www.wku.edu/handbook or you go to www.wku.edu/studentconduct and click on Frequently Asked Questions for additional information about the "Student Code of Conduct" and the University Conduct System.

Thank you for your acknowledgment and adherence to this pledge.

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 Last Modified 8/14/20