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UC 175 : University Experience

This course focuses on the development and application of critical thinking skills within the course and across disciplines. This course uses the Foundation for Critical Thinking's model to help students evaluate their own thinking process with the goal of improving it. Specific course content areas include library education; improving academic skills; exploration of majors and careers; use of campus technology and resources; and personal development.

UC 176 : University Experience - Special Topics

This one-hour addition may be attached to certain UC 175 courses in order to serve a specific student population (e.g., learning communities) or emphasize specific content (e.g., health and wellness).


IDST 369 : Career Related Field Experience

Looking to receive internship credits? This course involves supervised work experience related to your field of study or career goals within a cooperating business, industry, or agency. It is available in 1, 2, or 3 credit hour formats. You should first discuss with your BIS adviser and with their approval, contact the WKU Career Services Center to identify goals and review course requirements. Speak to Liz Heller, Lana Kunkel, or Tess McKinley at (270) 745-3095 at Career Services.

Note :Course materials will be available via Blackboard but up to three face-to-face meetings on Main Campus will be needed.

IDST 375/376 : Seminar/Practicum in Peer Mentoring

The Seminar in Peer Mentoring is an introduction to effective mentoring techniques, including an examination of mentoring theories and styles.


IDST 395 : Investigative Methods in Interdisciplinary Studies

A comprehensive exploration of different approaches to interdisciplinary studies as an academic research discipline or method.


IDST 390 : Applications of Interdisciplinary Thought



IDST 495 : Interdisciplinary Studies Capstone

Examination of interdisciplinary scholarship and problem solving, with application based on students' areas of emphasis in the major.




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