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Business Management Preparation (Two Plus Two) Concentration

Business Management Preparation Concentration

An Associate's Degree in Business Management Preparation (Two plus Two) from the Professional Studies Department of the University College of WKU will prepare you for a career in business and will provide you the opportunity to make a seamless transition from an Associate Degree in Business to a Bachelor's degree in Business through the WKU Gordon Ford College of Business.


Business Management Preparation


ACC 200C Accounting - Financial                      3
ACC 201C Accounting - Managerial 3
CSCI 145C Introduction to Computing 3
BUS 100C Introduction to Business 3
FINC 161C Personal Finance 3
BUS 210C Organization and Management 3
BUS 212C Principles of Marketing 3
BUS 253C Business Seminar 3




BUS 214C                                             3
BUS 257C 3
MGMT 200C 3
ECO 206C 3




College Composition(WC)                            3
Arts and Humanities (AH) 3
Social and Behavioral Science 3
Quantitative Reasoning (QR) (MATH 109 or MATH 116) 3
Three credit hour class from Foundations or Explorations 3






Why Select A Concentration In Business Management Preparation (Two Plus Two)?

If your interests lie in the field of business and you desire to obtain a Bachelor degree, the Business Management Preparation Concentration (Two Plus Two) provides the opportunity to make a seamless and effortless transition from an Associate Degree in Business to a Bachelor degree in Business through the Gordon Ford College of Business. This program prepares you for current and future employment in any business capacity as well as a solid foundation for upper level classes in a bachelor program. The focus of this program is to provide comprehensive knowledge and skills for today's rapidly changing business environment. With the current demand for high-tech and high finance, it is now more important than ever to develop these business and technical skills to succeed in the world of business.

Employment Information:  

Potential Job and Salary Opportunities

After completing this program, you may find an entry-level position in business, industry, or government. These positions tend to pay well, and with experience you may expect to move into higher-level management roles in these various fields. If your interest is to start and operate your own business, entrepreneurs define their own job description and set their own salaries. In other words you can create your own job.

Numerous graduates have benefited greatly from this program. Many are currently working in established careers, and several have become successful entrepreneurs who own and operate their own businesses. This is a list of what several of our past graduates are currently doing: Supervisors, managers, team leaders, Executive Director of Economic Development, Human Resource Management, Insurance Agent, Financial Analyst, and Director of Training and Development.

Program Philosophy

The philosophy of the Business Management Preparation Concentration (Two Plus Two) program is that graduating students should have the knowledge and skills needed to enter the job market and be able to upgrade for promotions to higher levels of management or be successful in a Business Bachelor program.

Is This Program For You?

Working in the business management field, you will draw upon your creative, analytical and problem solving skills. Good communication, teamwork, leadership, time management, and social skills are also important for savvy business people. If you enjoy new challenges and learning opportunities, this may be the right field for you.



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