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Dr. Shea Brgoch
Dr. Shea Brgoch
- Assistant Professor - Sport Management

Ph.D. – Sport Management, The Ohio State University 

M.S. – Sport Administration, Ball State University 

B.S. – Biology, University of Denver 


SPM 290: Sport Management Seminar

SPM 310: Sport Ethics and Morality


Recent Publications

Lower-Hoppe, L. M., Evans, J., & Brgoch, S. M. (2021). Social cognitive determinants of collegiate recreational sport involvement and outcomes. Leisure/Loisir, 45(2), 207-236.

Lower-Hoppe, L. M., Evans, J. O., Bailey, R. L., & Brgoch, S. M. (2021). Mock trial: Transforming curriculum through coopetition. Sport Management Education Journal, 15(1), 54-56. 

Lower-Hoppe, L. M., Brgoch, S. M., Chen, Y., & Sutherland, S. (2020). Inquiry-based learning in action: Theory and practice in higher education. In J. S. Keengwe (Ed.), Handbook of research and innovations in non-traditional educational practices (pp. 34-59). Information Science Reference. 

Newman, T. J., Jefka, B., Lower-Hoppe, L. M., Kimiecik, C., Brgoch, S., Dillard, R., Dwyer, K., Rockhill, C., & Ingram, D. (2021). Youth identity formation: (Mis)Alignment between youth and sport coaches. Children and Youth Services Review, 120. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.childyouth.2020.105733

Lower-Hoppe, L. M., Brgoch, S. M, Bailey, R. L., Ryder, A., Lowe, C., Dahl, S., & Wray, D. E. (2020). How do collegiate sport clubs achieve organizational effectiveness? Journal of Applied Sport Management, 12(2), 40-50.

Davis, E., & Brgoch, S. M. (2020). Are you the big fish? Effects of social comparison on athlete development. Future Focus: Ohio Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance, (Spring/Summer), 13-14.

Lower-Hoppe, L. M., Heuett, K. B., Newman, T. J., & Brgoch, S. M. (2020). Communication and team performance: A case study of Division I football captains. International Journal of Sport Communication, 13(1), 77-96.

Brgoch, S., Lower, L. M., Newman, T. J., & Hutton, T. A. (2020). Exploring team captain roles associated with athlete leadership classification: Perspectives from college coaches. Journal of Sport Behavior, 43(1), 28-49.

Lower, L. M., Newman, T. J., Brgoch, S., & Hutton, T. A. (2020). The management of sport team captains: Perspectives from collegiate coaches. International Journal of Sport Management.

Selected Presentations

Lower-Hoppe, L., Lee, W., Brgoch, S., Ryder, A., & Lowe, C. (2021, June). Making the connection: Antecedents and consequences of athlete burnout among collegiate sport club members. Paper accepted for presentation at the North American Society for Sport Management 2021 Conference, Virtual. 

Davis, E., & Brgoch, S. (2021, June). Connecting the dots: Using concept maps as a final assessment in the sport management classroom. Presentation accepted by the North American Society for Sport Management Teaching and Learning Fair, Virtual. 

Lower-Hoppe, L. M., Brgoch, S. M., Tanner, K., Quatman-Yates, C., Sutherland, S., Zwolski, C., & Schmitt, L. (2020, December). Exploring how Special Olympics facilitates physical literacy development of athletes with intellectual disabilities. Presented at the Sport Management Association of Australia and New Zealand 2020 Conference, Virtual. 

Brgoch, S. M., Ryder, A., Atkinson, O., Zwolski, C., & Lower-Hoppe, L. (2020, May). To specialize or not to specialize: Perspectives from parents and coaches. Presented at the North American Society for Sport Management 2020 Conference, Virtual.

Brgoch, S. M., Giannoulakis, C., Johnson, J., Hankemeier, D., & Lower-Hoppe, L. M. (2019, 

November). Implications of early sport specialization on interscholastic athletic programs. Paper presented at the National American Society for the Sociology of Sport, Virginia Beach, VA. 

  • President – Kinesiology Graduate Student Council, The Ohio State University
  • Peer Reviewer – Journal for the Study of Sports and Athletes in Education 
  • Student Member – Academic Accountability Board, Ball State University
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