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Undergraduate Major in Diversity and Community Studies

The Major in Diversity and Community Studies provides graduates with a critical framework for understanding identity, inequality, and community development, as well as social change through both political structures and social movements.  This framework, situated within a social scientific perspective, provides the knowledge and skills necessary for a wide range of vocations in social services, governmental, non-profit, and entrepreneurial sectors.  Students majoring in diversity and community studies must complete a minimum of 33 credit hours (18 at the upper level) and must also select a minor, certificate, or second major.  The major leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree. 

The following 18 are required:

CSJ 200:  Introduction to Social Justice
SOCL 210:  Social Interaction:  Self & Society
DCS 300: Public Problem Solving
SOCL 362: Social Institutions:  Race, Class, and Gender orSOCL 375:  Diversity in American Society
SOCL 402:  Evaluation Research Techniques
SOCL 455:  The Theory and practice of Community Development orSOCL 452:  Social Change

Students are required to take an additional 15 hours of electives, selecting at least three but no more than six hours from each of the following three categories.  Among the 15 hours, no more than 6 can come from a single prefix.

Category I: Identity and Social Inequality (minimum of 3 hours).  AFAM 190, COMM 365, DCS 363, ECON 434, ENG 360, ENG 370, ENG 393, GWS 375, HIST 353, HIST 358, HIST 359, HIST 453, SOCL 350, SWRK 300.

Category II:  Advocacy and Social Change (minimum of 3 hours).  AFAM 343, CSJ 435, SUS 295, GWS 200, HIST 430, LEAD 325, PH 447, PS 373, PS 374, SJB 310, SOCL 312, SOCL 376. 

Category III:  Community Organization & Development (minimum of 3 hours).  COMM 330 or 364, FLK 330, GEOG 380, LEAD 330, PS 270, PS 311, REC 460, SOCL 270, SOCL 360, SWRK 330.



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