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University Senate Meeting Agenda

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University Senate Meeting
Thursday, November 20, 2014 -- 3:45 p.m.
Faculty House


Copy of Agenda

A.    Approve October Minutes
B.    Reports:

1.  Chair – Margaret Crowder

2.  Vice Chair – Jennifer Hanley

3.  Secretary - Heidi Alvarez

4.  Coalition of Senate and Faculty Leadership for Higher Education – Molly Kerby

5.  AAUP President - Eric Reed

6.  Advisory:

a.  Faculty Regent – Barbara Burch
b.  Provost – Gordon Emslie
c.  SGA President – Nicki Taylor

C.    Standing Committee Reports and Recommendations

1.  Graduate Council:  (Report posted; Endorsed by SEC)

2.  Undergraduate Curriculum Committee:  (Report posted; Endorsed by SEC)

3.  Academic Quality:  No Report

4.  Faculty Welfare and Professional Responsibility:  No Report

5.  General Education:  No Report

6.  Colonnade Implementation Committee:  (1 Item; Endorsed by SEC)

a.  International students in foreign language (policy revision proposal posted)

D.    Old Business
E.    New Business

1.  Colonnade courses for approval (AFAM 190; AFAM 343; EDU 385; ICSR 200; ICSR 300)

2.  Policy 0.1020 International Travel Registration (Posted)

3.  Policy 1.2180 Tuition/Fee Reimbursement for Employees Pursing Doctoral Degrees at Universities other than Kentucky Public Institutions (Posted)

4.  Policy 1.1111 Evaluation of Faculty Credentials (-new- Revision Posted)

F.   Information items

1.  President Ransdell’s letter to Owensboro Mayor regarding a Fairness Ordinance (Posted)

2.  University Academic Complaint Committee election results (Posted)

3.  Budget and Finance Committee caucus results (Posted); Andrew West selected as Chair

4.  Provost’s Advisory Committee on Space – replacement PCAL member chosen via lot-draw by SEC: Joel Turner, Department of Political Science

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