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SEAS Certificates

Below is a list of certificates available for SEAS. Please see the bottom of the page for more information on how to apply for an undergraduate certificate.

Reference Number: 0452

Minimum Hours for Certificate: 12

This 12-hour program provides preparation for professional certification and covers concepts, principles, and skills related to Six Sigma, Lean, Theory of Constraints, and total quality management. It is applicable for students and employees seeking Black/Green Belt or Lean certification.

This program requires three courses, AMS 540, AMS 594, and AMS 580. One elective must be taken of the following courses: AMS 520, AMS 590, AMS 655, AMS 671

Please Contact Fatemeh Orooji for more information. 

Fatemeh Orooji, fatemeh.orooji@wku.edu, (270) 745-2176

Reference Number: 1700

Minimum Hours for Certificate: 15

Undergraduate students majoring in civil engineering or post-graduate students with baccalaureate degrees in civil
engineering, mining, or agricultural engineering accredited by the Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology
(ABET) may obtain a Certificate in Land Surveying (reference number 1700) in order to pursue licensure as a
professional surveyor in the state of Kentucky by completing the following courses (15 hours): AMS 163, CE 160 and
CE 161, CE 380 and CE 381, and CE 378 and CE 379.
Post-graduate students with baccalaureate degrees in majors other than civil engineering, mining or agricultural
engineering may obtain a Certificate in Land Surveying in order to pursue licensure as a professional surveyor in the
state of Kentucky by completing the same courses as listed for the minor in land surveying (26 hours). See minor in
land surveying.

Many of these minor courses also can be used to obtain a minor or certificate in GIS through the WKU Geography/Geology Department at http://www.wku.edu/gis/

Surveying Certificate

Certificate Application Process

If you are seeking an undergraduate certificate as a stand-alone program, you will follow the standard application process at www.wku.edu/admissions based on your student classification (freshman, transfer, readmit).

If you are adding a certificate program to a bachelor's degree, please do the following the semester prior to completion of the certificate program.

  1. Find the Certificate Program Reference Number and Name of Program in the Undergraduate Catalog
  2. Complete the  Undergraduate Certificate Program Form
  3. Obtain program approval signatures from department offering the certificate program
  4. Pay the $15.00 application fee on  TopNet

For more information about the cost of the program, average time to complete the program, and other important information, please visit our website at wku.edu/financialaid/certificates.php.



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