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Top 5 Reasons to Check-out Surplus

1. It Saves You Money

Faculty and staff enjoy free campus usage of all available items in surplus! Additionally, items sold by auction are available to the public— and are sold at great discount prices!


2. It Helps the Environment

The best way to prevent waste is not creating it; by reusing goods, you can help reduce the amount of trash toxicity, waste, and the unnecessary use of natural resources— just by putting a used item back to good use.


3. You Can Find Unique Items

Would you like a set of 1970s retro bucket chairs? How about a vintage painting easel, a set of stained glass windows, or a box of classic books? You never know what kind of items will be arriving in surplus, and many times rare— even valuable— items are discovered every day!


4. Your Items May Receive Free Campus Delivery & Pick-Up

Faculty and staff receive free delivery of their reserved surplus items, as well as free pick-up of items they wish to donate to surplus! Items bought at auction are available for pick-up during designated surplus hours.


5. Your Wallet Will Be Thick, But Pollution Won't Be!

Faculty and staff can receive necessary items (such as desks, chairs, electronics, etc.) for their workplace... for free! They can also receive free delivery of these items directly to their building or department. On top of all this, it's a tremendous help to the environment... it's a win-win!

Our auction customers will find rare and useful items at exceptionally affordable prices! Our items are pick-up only, so no shipping fee will be added to your total. Our staff is available during surplus hours, but can also arrange appointments based on your schedule! You won't find a better deal anywhere.



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 Last Modified 12/5/18