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Department of Psychology

Motivation Lab

  • My research interests are in motivation and performance psychology within the contexts of exercise, sport, and performance (e.g., music or teaching).
  • Central constructs of interest to me include attention/mindfulness, arousal/stress/anxiety, and goal setting. I utilize a range of methodologies including experiments, surveys, content analyses, and pedagogical evaluation.  
  • Typical independent variables include attentional focus (esp. technology, music, physiological symptomology, and silence), cognitive processing (esp. multi-tasking), and goal setting (esp. within the larger process of self-regulation).
  • Regular dependent variables examined include performance-related outcomes such as self-selected exercise intensity/pace, perceived effort, and affect (e.g., anxiety, enjoyment, interest).
  • Mediating variables include arousal/stress/anxiety, awareness/meta-cognition/mindfulness, expectancy, and cognitive load. Moderating variables persistently examined are stages of change, value, and working memory.
  • I also engage in survey research and content analyses related to common myths in psychology, specifically relating to cognition (e.g., learning styles or multi-tasking), motivation (e.g., praise or rewards), and stress.

If you are interested in working with me, or if you have questions about my research, please send me an email at steven.wininger@wku.edu.

Dr. Steve Wininger
Director, Motivation Lab



Gary A. Ransdell Hall, Office 3012

1906 College Heights Blvd. #11030,
Bowling Green, KY 42101-1030

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