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Doctor of Psychology - Clinical Psychology Specialization

Clinical Psychology Specialization

Clinical students will have placements in surrounding agencies with a doctoral level psychologist as supervisor as well as the Department of Psychology Training Clinic on the WKU Campus.

Clinical Psychology Concentration

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Course Title

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Select two of the following, or equivalent, courses

CNS 554

Group Counseling

Dynamics of group development. Group counseling theories, leadership styles, group counseling methods and skills. Interpersonal relationships in the family system and other small group settings. (Limited class size.)


CNS 558

Counseling Theories

Philosophic bases of the helping processes; major contemporary counseling theories and their application in individual and group counseling and in family systems counseling.


CNS 559

Techniques of Counseling

Focus on the development of basic and advanced counseling skills and procedures. Refinement of the skills needed in providing counseling intervention


CNS 561

Counseling Children

Theories and techniques of developmental counseling with children.


CNS 562

Counseling Adolescents

Theories and techniques of developmental counseling with the teenage population.


CNS 569

Play Therapy

Provides an overview of the essential elements and principles of play therapy including history, theories, and techniques. Assists students in understanding the developmental, social, cognitive, and emotional issues that impact children’s behavior.


CNS 582

Sex Therapy Techniques in Counseling

Counseling skills and intervention techniques for counselors in training who will be working with couples and individuals with a broad range of sexual concerns.


CNS 583

Couples Counseling

Knowledge, skills, and techniques of couples therapy including premarital, marriage and divorce.


CNS 584

Counseling Violent and Dysfunctional Families

Analysis of incidence and patterns of violence against children, adolescents, adults, and elders; motivational factors regarding perpetrator and victims. Counseling and helping strategies for working with family members and the abused victim in counseling and school settings.


CNS 653

Brief Counseling

Introduction to theoretical, philosophical, and historical premises of brief counseling. Topics include professional ethics, diversity, application to various clinical populations, and utilization of best practices that meet the changing state of mental health care.


PSY 641/PSYS 641

Theories of Psychotherapy

Selected theories and techniques of psychotherapy and counseling. Also covers group therapy, clinical topics, and professional and ethical issues.


PSY 642

Clinical Interviewing and Psychotherapy

Continuation of 641 with emphasis on group, family, and marital psychotherapy.


PSY 662

Practicum in Psychology

Supervised practice in schools, clinics, specialized training centers, hospitals, industry, and research settings. Field experiences in appropriate off-campus settings may be required. Students are responsible for arranging their own transportation to designated or assigned sites.


SWRK 620

Advanced Psycho-Social Approaches for Rural Practice

Focuses on knowledge, skills, and values for advanced micro level social work within a rural area. Topics include clinical interventions with individuals, families, and groups, empowerment and interdisciplinary approaches.


SWRK 675

Expressive Therapies

This course will focus on the use of expressive therapies in social work practice from a holistic perspective that embraces alternative practices for personal change and growth. Students obtain knowledge from various theories and models with interventions that are relevant 228 Western Kentucky University Graduate Catalog 2013-2014 for individual, family and group social work practice which extends what is known as the traditional “talking cure”.






Select one of the following, or equivalent, course

CNS 552

Testing and Assessment in Counseling

Methods, techniques, statistics, and instruments used in assessing and evaluating individuals, couples, families, and groups; administering, scoring and interpreting both objective and subjective instruments used in counseling. Survey of research design and statistics. Computer utilization in counseling and use of data in decision making.


CNS 567

Mental Health Diagnosis and Treatment in Counseling

The identification, treatment plans and referral procedures for emotional concerns across the life span in the mental health counseling field. Principles of etiology, diagnosis, treatment planning and prevention of mental and emotional disorders and dysfunctional behavior.


CNS 654

Educational and Intellectual Analysis of Children and Adults

Administration and interpretation of standard mental and aptitude tests as tools of educational and occupational guidance.


PSY 560

Assessment of Cognitive and Intellectual Functioning

Administration of the WISC, WAIS and other individually adminis- tered tests used as basic tools in education, occupational guidance, clinical diagnosis.


PSY 561

Advanced Assessment in Educational Settings

Interpretation and integration of assessment informa- tion for use in educational settings. Includes tests, behavior ratings scales, ecological analysis, systematic observations, and functional behavioral assessment.


PSY 562

Practicum in Psychological Assessment

upervised experience in the admin- istration and interpretation of instruments and practices used in the assessment of intellectual abilities and learning problems in educational or clinical settings. Field experiences in appropriate off-campus settings may be required. Students are responsible for arranging their own transportation to designated or assigned sites. (May be repeated)


PSY 643

Psychoeducational Assessment

Diagnostic instruments and procedures for assessing educationally-related disabilities. Emphasis on current laws and regulations regarding special education, academic interventions, and Individualized Education Programs. Field experiences in appropriate off-campus settings may be required. Students are responsible for arranging their own transportation to designated or assigned sites.


PSY 647/CNS 647

Addictions: Assessment, Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

This course involves the selection, administration, and interpretation of assessment methods and techniques used to diagnose addiction disorders, as well as the development of appropriate treatment plans and issues involved in treatment planning.


PSY 660

Assessment of Personality and Socio-emotional Functioning

Personality diagnosis using objective and projective techniques with emphasis on current research interpretation, and communication of assessment information.


PSY 766

Assessment of Autism Spectrum Disorders

Examines methods, instruments, and skills of assessing Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Supervised practice with assessment instruments. Students are responsible for their own transportation to assessment sites.


SWRK 623

Advanced Social Work Clinical Assessment and Intervention

Focuses on clinical processes of assessment and diagnosis for rural-centered social work practice. Topics include theories within the Bio-Psycho-Social paradigm, frameworks for organizing and formulating diagnostic understanding with diverse populations.


Developmental Psychology

Select one of the following, or equivalent, course

ADED 611

Adult Development and Learning

Psychological factors affecting adult development, learning, and motivation. Emphasis on how diverse academic career/experiential backgrounds and objectives affect classroom environments, teaching strategies, and testing and evaluation.


CNS 557

Human and Family Development in Counseling

Understanding of the nature and needs of normal and abnormal individuals in the family system at all developmental levels emphasizing moral, intellectual and ethical development. Counseling strategies in the complex developmental relationships among individuals in the family system. Counseling in the life cycle of the family.


PSYS 521

Advanced Child Developmental Psychology

Particular emphasis upon a critical review of current research in child development.


Applied Clinical Practice

PSY 801

The Profession of Clinical Psychology

Survey of the issues and opportunities in the applied practice of psychology. The legal, financial, professional, and ethical issues of applied practice will be addressed.


Advanced Supervision

PSY 877

Advanced Clinical Supervision

Advanced topics in supervision including specialized settings, challenging supervisees, and technology and supervision. Students are responsible for arranging their own transportation to designated or assigned sites.



PSY 791

Advanced Psychology Practice

Advanced field experience for doctoral students. Applied Students are responsible for their own transportation to practicum sites.




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