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Industrial/Organizational Psychology Lab

The Industrial/Organizational Psychology lab focuses on three areas of research, each of which is briefly described below.

The current primary focus of the lab is to conduct research that contributes to our understanding of the use of social media (e.g., Facebook) in employment settings. As the use of such technology in organizational settings is becoming more common (e.g., in selection, employee monitoring), research addressing how social media and other online search tools are being utilized, as well as the validity and potential discriminatory impact of these evaluation techniques is the focus of our research within this domain.

The second research area emphasizes the examination of employee and organizational misbehavior. This is an important line of research, as deviant workplace behavior can have a negative impact on both employees (e.g., increased stress, job dissatisfaction) and businesses (e.g., productivity loss, legal ramifications). Our studies related to this topic examine various forms of misbehavior (e.g., discrimination, incivility), as well as the determinants of and negative outcomes related to such behaviors.

A third line of research involves the assessment of individual culture. Organizations are becoming increasingly diverse, especially as many companies now operate globally; therefore, understanding who your employees are and what they believe in can have a positive impact on organizational functioning (e.g., individual culture can impact fairness perceptions). Our research related to this topic concerns the assessment of culture and its relation to work concepts (e.g., justice perceptions, motivation).

Check out our lab newsletter for more information on our current studies, as well as a description of the research team.

I am always looking for great new research assistants, so please email me (amber.schroeder@wku.edu) your completed I-O Psychology Lab Informational Form (Microsoft Word) if you are interested in joining our research team.

Dr. Amber Schroeder, Lab Director

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