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 This 34 hour major is composed of three levels of required courses plus electives and is designed to ensure that students gain an interdisciplinary perspective on the subject of Popular Culture but still have the opportunity to pursue their particular interests. A minor or a second major in another discipline is required.


1. POP 201 -- Introduction to Popular Culture (3 hours; ENG 100 prereq)

An interdisciplinary course that combines core readings with multiple approaches to popular culture from separate disciplines and instructors. The approaches introduced and instructors rotate between the core disciplines involved in the Popular Culture Studies major (English, Folk Studies and Anthropology, History, Journalism and Broadcasting, Philosophy, Political Science, Popular Culture Studies, and Sociology).

It is essential that students planning to pursue the major take this course as early as possible, ideally no later than having completed 9 credit hours of courses within the major.

2. CORE COURSES (12 hours)

 Students must take one course from each of the following four category options:

1) HIS 340 (History of Western Popular Culture since 1450) OR

    HIS 447 (History of American Popular Culture)


2) FLK 371 (Urban Folklore) OR

     FLK 373 (Folklore and the Media) OR

     FLK 281 (Roots of Southern Culture)


3) BCOM 300 (American Popular Arts) OR

     SJB 154 (New Media Literacy) OR

     ENG 366 (History of Narrative Film) OR

     ENG 465 (Film Genres)


4) FILM 201 (Introduction to Cinema) OR

     PHIL 207 (Philosophy and Popular Culture) OR

     SOCL 324 (Sociology of Sport) OR

     PS 372 (Politics and the Mass Media)

3. POP 498 -- Senior Seminar in Popular Culture Studies (1 hour)

A capstone independent study within a student's chosen discipline and under the regular guidance of a faculty member resulting in a substantial research project or creative work.

This capstone course requires all students earning credit for POP 498 in a particular semester to meet together for one hour each week with each other and a Popular Culture Studies Major-assigned faculty member to discuss research methodologies and findings.

Students should have completed POP 201, have senior status, and have accumulated 21 credit hours in the major prior to or concurrent with taking this course.


Students can take no more than 6 credit hours in any one discipline unless they are minoring or double majoring in that discipline. Students should consult the appropriate department and course catalog listing for any prerequisites.

African American Studies

  • AFAM 190 African American Experience


  • ART 312 Art of the United States to 1865
  • ART 313 Art of the United States since 1865
  • ART 325 Asian, American and African Art
  • ART 334 Survey of Graphic Design
  • ART 390 Contemporary Art
  • ART 405 Theory and Criticism
  • ART 408 European Art, 1848-1900
  • ART 409 European Art, 1848-1900
  • ART 410 European Art, 1900-1945
  • ART 445 American Architectural History (crosslisted as FLK 445)


  • BCOM 201 Process and Effects of Mass Communication
  • BCOM 300 American Popular Arts
  • BCOM 401 History of Broadcasting in America


  • ENG 320 American Studies I (crosslisted as HIS 320; PS 320)
  • ENG 321 American Studies II (crosslisted as HIS 321; PS 321)
  • ENG 340 Speculative Fiction
  • ENG 365 Film and Literature
  • ENG 366 History of Narrative Cinema
  • ENG 368 Japanese Cinema in Translation
  • ENG 370 Multi-cultural Literature in America
  • ENG 465 Film Genres
  • ENG 466 Film Theory

Film Studies

  • FILM 201 Introduction to the Cinema
  • FILM 369 World Cinema
  • FILM 399 Special Topics in Film

Folk Studies and Anthropology

  • ANTH 120 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
  • ANTH 277 Introduction to World Music (crosslisted as FLK 277; MUS 277)
  • ANTH 342 Introduction to Cultures of the Caribbean
  • ANTH 350 Peoples and Cultures of Africa (crosslisted as FLK 350)
  • ANTH 448 Visual Anthropology
  • FLK 276 Introduction to Folk Studies
  • FLK 281 Roots of Southern Culture
  • FLK 371 Urban Folklore
  • FLK 373 Folklore and the Media
  • FLK 379 Topics: Foodways
  • FLK 379 Topics: American Roots Music
  • FLK 379 Topics: Narratives of Horror and the Supernatural
  • FLK 410 African-American Music
  • FLK 445 American Architectural History
  • FLK 464 Vernacular Architecture.
  • FLK 478 Folklore and Literature


  • FREN 323 French Civilization and Culture (taught in French)
  • FREN 450 Topics in Francophone Cinema (taught in French)


  • GEOG 330 Cultural Geography


  • GERM 333 Germanic Civilization and Culture (taught in German)
  • GERM 335 Contemporary Culture and Civilization (taught in German)
  • GERM 437 German Literature and Film (taught in German)

Gender and Women's Studies

  • GSW 375 American Masculinities


  • HIS 320 American Studies (crosslisted as ENG 320; PS 320)
  • HIS 321 American Studies II (crosslisted as ENG 321; PS 321)
  • HIS 340 History of Western Pop. Culture since 1450
  • HIS 391 History of Sport
  • HIS 447 History of American Popular Culture (since 1865)


  • MUS 320 Rock and Roll

Philosophy/Religious Studies

  • PHIL 207 Philosophy and Popular Culture

Political Science

  • PS 303 Politics and Film
  • PS 320 American Studies I (crosslisted as HIS 320; ENG 320)
  • PS 321 American Studies II (crosslisted as HIS 321; ENG 321)
  • PS 331 Politics outside the Box
  • PS 372 Politics and the Mass Media

Popular Culture Studies

  • POP 399 Special Topics in Popular Culture

School of Journalism and Broadcasting

  • SJB 154 New Media Literacy

School of University Studies

  • SUS 295 Gender and Popular Culture


  • SOCL 245 Sociology of Popular Culture
  • SOCL 324 Sociology of Sport
  • SOCL 345 Sociology of Popular Music


  • SPAN 373 Spanish Civilization and Culture (taught in Spanish)
  • SPAN 376 Literature and Culture of Latin America (taught in Spanish)
  • SPAN 490 Hispanic Cinema (taught in Spanish)

Theater and Dance

  • THEA 430 Musical Theatre History

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