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Be aware of your vulnerability and follow these tips/suggestions to protect yourself and your property.

Your involvement is essential to the prevention of crime on campus. Disinterest and complacency are the prime contributors to the success of crime. The burden of crime prevention rests not only with the WKU Police Department but also with each member of the WKU community.

As you know, police officers cannot be everywhere at once and are therefore, dependent upon you to recognize and report incidents of suspicious and criminal activity. The extent of your assistance will greatly influence the department’s effectiveness in combating crime. Doing your part means: 

 1. Being alert for suspicious or criminal activity and conditions that may represent a hazard to the community.

 2. Check the identity of any strangers who are in your office or in the hallway- ask whom they are visiting and if you can help them find that person. If this makes you uncomfortable, contact the WKU Police and inform them of your suspicions.

 3. Keep all offices and laboratories locked when not in use. The most common type of crimes committed on a university campus are crimes of opportunity, and occur primarily when property is left in unlocked or in unattended areas.

 4. Report defective campus locks on windows and doors IMMEDIATELY to Facilities.

 5. If you see a suspicious person or vehicle on campus, IMMEDIATELY contact the WKU Police Department. Try to get as much of the following information as you can: (color, type, make, model, license plate number and state, distinctive  
     characteristics, i.e., decals, bumper stickers, damage, number of occupants, etc.)

 6. When walking to your vehicle or residence, have your keys ready in hand.

 7. When parking at night, choose well-lit areas. Before getting out of your vehicle, check for people loitering.

 8. When getting out of a car, take a look around to make sure that you are not being followed. If you think you are being followed, cross the street and, if necessary, keep crossing back and forth. If you are pursued, call for help and run to a 
     campus building, business, or residence. Enlist the aid of a passerby, flag down a passing motorist, or as a last resort pull a fire alarm. Do anything that might attract attention or summon assistance. If you are walking alone and someone
     passes you, check to be sure that person has continued walking in the other direction.

 9. Working late or feel unsafe? Call the WKU Police Department at (270) 745-2548 for an escort anywhere within the campus perimeter.

 10. According to a 2013 study published in the Accident Analysis & Prevention journal, mobile phone-related injuries among pedestrians exceeded those for drivers in 2010. In other words, more people get hurt every year from texting and
       walking than from texting and driving. So……HEADS UP EVERYONE!!!

Please remember that unreported crimes cannot be solved and by not reporting crimes, you allow the perpetrators to commit additional and perhaps more serious crimes. Many times crime solving depends upon how accurately and promptly the incident is reported.


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 Last Modified 11/25/18