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Physics Education Research

Physics has a reputation as being a tough subject to learn.  

  • But why?  
  • What does it mean to learn physics?  
  • What are the things that make it challenging for many students?   
  • How does learning physics relate to our everyday experience and to other disciplines like history and psychology?

These are questions that Dr. Bonham and students are exploring in physics education research.  Science isn’t just a bunch of facts; skills like written communication and analyzing/constructing arguments are important as well.  Science doesn’t happen in a vacuum, either; history, philosophy and cognitive psychology can also provide valuable insights in our quest to understand the physical reality in which we live.  Dr. Bonham’s work focuses on student learning in scientific communication and scientific argumentation within a broader context that includes the history and nature of science.


 A community of faculty, staff, and students engaged in better understanding the physical world. 

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 Last Modified 10/11/18