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Biophysics Research

The main emphasis of Dr. van der Meer's research is Resonance Energy Transfer, also called Fluorescence (with) Resonance Energy Transfer. This is a spectroscopic technique to measure distances in the 10 to 100 Angstrom range (1 - 10 nanometer). It is widely used in Biophysics and Biophysical Chemistry.

George Coker III who graduated in 1994 participated in the publication of the book, "Resonance Energy Transfer. Theory and Data", Wiley-VCH. This book came out in 1994, and the authors were B.W. van der Meer, G. Coker III, and S.-Y. Chen. George did an extensive literature search for the book. He basically wrote Chapter 7, which is full of tables containing relevant data from the literature.

Students who are interested in theoretical work will have opportunities to do simulations and calculations about the so-called kappa-squared, which is an orientation factor (see the recent publication: "Kappa-squared. From nuisance to new sense." by dr. van der Meer, Reviews in Molecular Biotechnology 82(2002)181-196.

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