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WKU Doctor of Physical Therapy Program

Admission is competitive with over 300 applications for 32 available positions in the program.  On average, 60% of students admitted to the program are in-state.

Complete applications received by the application due dates (see below) will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee to determine which applicants will be invited to our admissions event.  Following the completion of the event, the top applicants will be offered entry into the program.  Due to the competitiveness for entry into the program and the limited spaces available, applicants that meet the minimum requirements are not ensured admission into the program.

Who are Physical Therapists

What is the Role of a Physical Therapist?

  • What will help me get into the PT program at WKU?
  • The following are the average incoming scores for the class of 2020:
    • Cumulative GPA 3.63
    • Prerequisite GPA 3.58
    • Verbal GRE 150
    • Quantitative GRE 151
    • Analytical GRE 4

Admissions to WKU DPT

The following are requirements (unless otherwise noted) for admission into the WKU Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) Program: 

  • We do not give special consideration to any particular undergraduate degree or coursework beyond the prerequisites.

Step 1: Requirements

  • Baccalaureate Degree:  Prospective candidates are required to earn a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university prior to matriculation.
    • You may apply prior to receiving you degree.
  • Prerequisite Courses:
    • Prospective candidates are required to complete all prerequisite courses prior to matriculation.
    • No grade lower than a C (i.e. C-, D, F) is acceptable in any prerequisite course.
    • AP and dual credit may fill these requirements, including pass/fail courses.
    • There is no expiration date on prerequisites.
    • All labs must be in person/onsite.
      • Human Anatomy (1 semester with lab) OR Human Anatomy & Physiology I (1 semester with lab)
      • Biology (any college level) (2 semesters with labs) (second semester anatomy with lab or anatomy/physiology with lab is also acceptable to count towards this requirement.)
      • General Chemistry (2 semesters with labs)
      • General Physics (2 semesters with labs)
      • Psychology (1 semester)
      • Statistics (1 semester)
  • Grade Point Average (GPA):  A minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, for both cumulative and prerequisite courses is required.
  • Graduate Record Exam (GRE):
    • There is no minimum GRE score requirement.
    • A composite score of 300 or higher on the verbal and quantitative sections is recommended.
    • A score of 4 out of 6 on the analytical writing section is recommended.
  • Observation Hours:
      • Hours are not required, but are considered.
      • Hours must be reported and verified via PTCAS.

Step 2: Deadlines

June 29, 2018: Application cycle begins for everyone.

  • Early Decision
    • September 24, 2018: Applications and fees due by 11:59 PM eastern.
    • In order to be considered for early decision (and begin the WKU DPT program the Summer of 2019), ALL required applications & fees must be received by September 24, 2018
    • Requirements to be considered for early decision:
      • Overall undergraduate GPA 3.6 or higher
      • Prerequisite GPA 3.6 or higher
      • GRE-V 150 or higher
      • GRE-Q 150 or higher
  • Standard Decision 
    • November 1, 2018: Applications and fees due by 11:59 PM central. 
    • In order to be eligible to begin the WKU DPT program the Summer of 2018, ALL required applications & fees must be received by November 1, 2018.

Step 3: Application Materials

  • You are required to apply to BOTH the WKU DPT program (via PTCAS) and to the WKU Graduate School (see link below) 
  • NOTE: materials must be sent to both locations, there is no communication between PTCAS and the WKU Graduate School
  • WKU DPT Program Application (via PTCAS):
    • Requirements:  
      • Application & fee
      • Send official transcripts from all college, university, and professional coursework to Physical Therapist Centralized Application Service (PTCAS)
      • Send official GRE scores to PTCAS (code 0557)
      • Send two (2) letters of recommendation to PTCAS
        • The first letter of recommendation is required from a licensed Physical Therapist
        • The second letter of recommendation is required to be from a current or previous professor, an advisor, or a current or previous employer/supervisor
  • WKU Graduate School Application:
    • Requirements:
      • Application & fee
      • Send official transcripts from all college, university, and professional coursework to WKU Graduate School, even if you do not have a grade for the course (i.e. course in progress)
      • Send official GRE scores to WKU Graduate School (code 0557)

Step 4: Admissions Event

  • February 8, 2019 - 8:00 - 12:00 PM central (mandatory attendance to be considered for admission to the WKU DPT program) 


Technical Standards

Students are required to enter the Program with a minimum level of ability in specific areas termed “Technical standards.”  Students are required to meet the minimum technical standards with or without reasonable accommodation as part of the Core Performance Standards as stated in the DPT Program Student Manual and Program Policies and Procedures.  Your application to the WKU DPT program signifies you have reviewed and understand the Technical Standards provided on the WKU DPT program website.  In addition, upon admission you will be required to sign documentation that you understand the implications and content in each section, as well as signify whether you will or will not require reasonable accommodations.  You can review the technical standards here, refer to page 19.


Have questions or interested in a tour? Then please contact our DPT Office Associate, Audra Coil.


Email: audra.coil@wku.edu

Please note, we do not review transcripts.




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