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Faculty Research

Dr. Sophia Arjana is currently writing a book on the commodification of religion, titled Buying Buddha, Selling Rumi: Mysticism in the Modern World, which will be published by Oneworld Academic next year. She is also working on an essay for the Routledge Handbook on Islam and Gender.


Dr. James Barker is currently working on his book John and the Synoptics, which will be published by Eerdmans in Fall of 2019. He also has several chapters in process, including “Composition and the Use of Sources in Ancient Writing” for the Oxford Handbook of the Synoptic Gospels and “Redaction Criticism of the New Testament,” which will appear in the History of Biblical Interpretation (Volume 4).


Dr. Paul Fischer is currently writing a book on the topic of self-cultivation in early China. This work focuses on the soteriology of native East Asian systems of thought and analyzes the constituent parts of self-cultivation.


Dr. Bella Mukonyora is writing a monograph on theology and climate change. She is also completing a chapter for The Bible in Folklore Worldwide: A Handbook and is an author on the forthcoming book titled Law, Religion, and Environment in Africa.


Dr. Michael Seidler just completed an enormous project on the Latin dissertations of the German philosopher Samuel Pufendorf, which, due to its large size, will likely be published in two volumes by Springer Verlag (Berlin). Dr. Seidler is currently writing a chapter for TheCambridge Companion to Pufendorf.


Dr. Jannai Shields defended his dissertation in January of 2019. In it, he examines the topic of scientific levels and advances the notion that emergentism is required for the introduction of a new scientific level. More broadly, he researches the overlap of metaphysics, science, and the philosophy of mind.


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