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This major focuses on business, management, marketing and related support services.

Students will take some general courses in the fields of business, management and marketing, and a number of highly specialized courses in the specific subject area. Graduate-level programs usually assume that you already have a background in business, management, and marketing, and provide specialized courses in the topic of your choice.

You may manage an office, work in sales or supervise operations with this level of education. A bachelor's degree provides a broad background for many jobs in all areas of business, management and marketing such as banking, health care, sales, advertising, manufacturing or as an individual business owner. A Masters of Business Administration (MBA) is required for many management positions. Taking time to work between the bachelor's and master's degrees may help you to learn more from the MBA program. A doctoral degree is usually required for college teaching.

Characteristics associated with success in this major include the desire to be a part of the business world, leadership, the ability to work successfully with others, attention to detail and logical thinking, good decision-making strategies, and clear and persuasive communication.

An internship may increase your chances of finding a job in this field.

Further training may be required throughout your career.

Students considering this major should have the following characteristics:

  • be a leader
  • have the ability to work successfully with others
  • be a logical thinker who likes to solve problems
  • have good decision-making strategies
  • be able to communicate clearly and persuasively
  • have good computer skills


Students pursuing a major within the Gordon Ford College of Business must earn a minimum of 60 credit hours with an overall grade point average (GPA) of 2.50. In addition, they must complete the admission courses listed below with a separate GPA of 2.50.

  WKU Courses                                                                                 KCTCS Equivalent                                        

 ACCT 200 Financial Accounting

 ACC 201

 ACCT 201 Managerial Accounting

 ACC 202

 CIS 141 Basic Computer Literacy

 CIS 100

COMM 161 Business & Professional Speaking or

COMM 145 Fundamentals of Public Speaking

 COMM 181

 ECON 202 Principles of Microeconomics

 ECO 201

 ECON 203 Principles of Macroeconomics

 ECO 202

 ECON 206 Statistics                                                                                                                    

 STA 220

 MATH 116 College Algebra or Higher           

 MAT 150

 Core Courses

  CIS 243 Principles of Mgmt information Systems


  FIN 330 Principles of Financial Management


  MGT 200 Legal Environment of Business

 BA 267      

  MGT 210 Organization and Management

 BA 283

  MGT 314 Operations Management                                                                                          


  MGT 498 Strategy & Policy or

 MGT 496 Small Business Analysis & Strategy 


  MKT 220 Basic Marketing Concepts                     

 BA 282

  Management Courses

 MGT 311 Human Resource Management                                                                              

 BA 274      

 MGT 313 Quantitative Method


 MGT 361 Business COMM Fundamentals or

ENG 306 Business Writing or ENG 307 Technical Writing  

 ENG 203

 MGT 305 Critical Thinking in Management or

 MATH 119 Funds of Calculus

 MAT 175

 MGT 417 Organizational Behavior


 ACCT 315 Management Accounting


 ECON 414 Management Economics


 MGT 499 Senior Assessment










* The electives may be chosen from any 300 or 400 level course within the Gordon Ford College of Business not already required for the major.

* Students that take all above listed KCTCS equivalents may need additional upper-division electives.


Because of transferring credits and WKU-O course offerings, the length of time to finish this program differs for each student. It is important to meet with a WKU-O advisor as soon as possible. Bring an unofficial copy of transcripts from all previously attended colleges and/or universities. It is also important to determine your availability to take courses: part-time, full-time, summer term.

WKU-O Academic Requirements:

  • 120 college-level undergraduate semester hours including the following:

- 44 semester hours of General Education

- 42 semester hours of upper-division credit (300-400 level courses)

- 30 hours must be earned in residence (at WKU), at least 16 of which must be completed after the semester in which the student earned a cumulative total of at least 90 hours.

  • Students must earn a minimum of 54 semester hours with WKU to graduate with honors.
  • Students must apply for graduation upon the completion of 90 semester hours.
  • Students are to meet with an advisor each semester.
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