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Headings, Paragraphs, and Links Style Guide

The Heading tags should be used to create headers on your pages.  It is not recommended that you use the Heading 1 tag, although you can if you'd like.  It is recommended to use the Heading 2 - Heading 6.  Heading 2 and Heading 3 are identical, other than Heading 3 being blue (as opposed to black).  Heading 4 and Heading 5 are identical, other than Heading 5 being blue (as opposed to black).   Heading 6 is black, it is the size of regular text but it is bold.

Good search engine optimization practices say to use Heading tags as it is speculated that some search engines pay more attention to this text.  You can create Headers by highlighting text and selecting the Heading tag from the drop-down box just below the save button (1st item in the 2nd column) in the WYSIWYG editor.

Here is the formatting of the different Heading tags:

Heading 2 <h2> tag

Heading 3 <h3> tag

Heading 4 <h4> tag

Heading 5 <h5> tag
Heading 6 <h6> tag


Paragraphs <p> Tags

This paragraph is in a paragraph <p> tag. Paragraph tags are generated automatically in the WYSIWYG editor when you press the enter key.

You'll notice when are in the WYSYIG editor and you press enter, it skips down two lines.  This is because the paragraph or <p> tag has been closed and a new paragraph tag has been opened and there is built-in padding below paragraphs.  If you would like to just space down one line - hold shift while pressing enter.  This creates a line break, or <br /> tag as opposed to closing the current paragraph and opening a new paragraph.


Links <a> Tags

Links are automatically colored red.  They also don't have an underline until you hover your mouse over the top of them.  This happens automatically and it is recommended that you do not alter this. When creating links, it is highly recommended that you fill out the Title attribute.  The Title attribute creates a tooltip when hovering over the link (in most browsers) and also helps with search engine optimization.


Right Column Header

For the right column, it is recommended to start off with a Heading 3 <h3> tag.  The Heading 3 tag is blue and provides a little color to the page - it also helps separate the left column from the right column.

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