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Editable Styles Guide

Some styles in the main WKU stylesheet are considered editable. Those styles classes are the following:  main_right, main_right_container, and main_left.  Those classes contain the following styles...

.main_right {
     border-left:1px dashed #ccc;
.main_right_container { 
.main_left { 

Typically, the only reason you would want to modify these is to change the width, or for example, to remove or change the dashed border on main_right.

If you are interested, you can view the full stylesheet.


Can I Attach My Own Stylesheet?

Kind of.  You don't attach a stylesheet in the same manner as you would through something like Dreamweaver - but there is a way to make "global" styles that are available on all your pages.

To add "global" styles, edit your menu file (top or left).  Then, click the HTML button.  You can now add a <style>...</style> section.  The reason it is best to put the style section in your menu file is because your menu file is already included on all your pages - therefore making your styles available on all pages.

For example, if you put the following code in your menu file:

   .my_style {

Then any element with the class "my_style" would have bold text.


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 Last Modified 10/22/18