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Style Guide for Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs should be formatted as normal links.  They should be separated by a space, the forward slash ( / ), and then another space.

The first item in the breadcrumb should always be "WKU" and should link to http://www.wku.edu.  The breadcrumb.inc file is pre-formatted to include the WKU link.  The last item in the breadcrumb list should NOT be followed by a slash.

A good structure for a breadcrumb would look like the following:

WKU / Your College or Division Name / Your Department Name


What are Breadcrumbs?

Besides being those little things that improve the taste of so many homemade dishes, breadcrumbs are the navigation aid that reside on the right-hand side, just above the content and just below the header.

Breadcrumbs are a traditional and standard way to let users know where they are in your (WKU's) website from a hierarchical standpoint.  Each hierarchy is usually separated by what is known as a glyph - in WKU's website, we are using the slash ( / ), to separate each link in the hierarchy.


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 Last Modified 10/22/18