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Zip Import Overview

Uploading multiple files at once can be accomplished using the Zip Import feature. When importing a ZIP file, images and other binary files (e.g., PDFs, videos, Flash files, etc.) are still uploaded to the production server by default and will not appear on the staging server. Web pages and other editable text files (like HTML, XHTML, PHP, CSS, XML, etc.) are uploaded to the staging server and must be published to a production server or publish target. When a user performs a zip import, the Zip Import screen is shown and includes the following elements:

  • Preview Menu: Allows administrators to quickly navigate the sections of the Zip Import screen.
  • Zip Import Panel: Provides administrators a list view of all items within the target ZIP file that will be imported.

Currently, by default the following file extension types are acceptable for use within the OU Campus system:

.ai .aif .aiff .amv .asa .au .avi .bin .bmp .cab .cgi .class .cnt .ctl .dat .db .dlz .doc .docx .ds_store .dwt .elm .exe .ext .fla .flac .flv .gif .gz .hqx .htx .ico .ind .jar .jbf .jp2 .jpe .jpeg .jpg .ksc .lck .lst .m4v .mbi .mcw .mcw .mdb .mde .mde .mdx .mid .mkv .mno .mov .mp3 .mp4 .mpeg .mpg .mso .nb .ogg .pdf .png .pps .ppsx .ppt .pptx .psd .pub .pwd .ra .ram .rcv .rm .rtf .sit .svg .swf .tar .tgz


Zip Import Panel

The Zip Import Screen contains the Zip Import panel which provides administrators with a list view of all items within the target ZIP file that will be imported. The Zip Import panel includes the following elements:

  • Ignore Containing Folder: If this option is selected, it will ignore the folder in which the files currently reside (the main ZIP folder) and upload the files within that folder to the currently open directory. This option will not appear, however, if the main folder has any files in it.
  • Show Errors Only: Errors will be encountered if a file name contains Regular Expressions, or Regex.
  • List View: Provides a list view of all files that will be imported from the ZIP file.


Performing a Zip Import

When users attempt to upload a ZIP file, they will be limited to a file size no greater than one gigabyte (1 GB). File names can be changed during the import process from the Zip Import screen by clicking on the name to be changed, and type in the new name. Sometimes it is necessary to change a file's name because invalid characters are preventing it from being imported successfully. To perform a zip import:

  1. Navigate to the Pages list view by selecting Content > Pages from the global navigation bar. From the Pages list view, navigate to the target directory where the zip file will be imported to.
  2. Once within the desired directory, click the Upload button to display the Upload dialog.
    Zip Import from the Upload Dialog
  3. Select an Access Group.
  4. Select Zip Import as the Upload Type. Optionally, select Overwrite Existing if attempting to overwrite existing versions of the file being imported.
  5. Click Add Files or drag and drop a ZIP file from an external source to import the ZIP file and click Start Upload. The Start Upload button is unavailable if no files have been selected for import.
  6. Review the files being imported on the Zip Import screen. Files that cannot be imported will have a system message indicating that the file extension is an invalid type, or that is contains illegal characters.
    Zip Import Error
  7. Before clicking Finish Upload, it is possible to deselect a file or files from being uploaded to the site. Files that have been excluded from the import are displayed with their information crossed out.
  8. Click Finish Upload. This button will remain unavailable if there are errors importing one or several files.


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