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Uploading Files Overview


Uploading Multiple Files

Uploading multiple files contained within one folder can be accomplished using the Zip Import feature. This can also automatically create subfolders honoring the original file structure.

Zip Import


Uploading a Single File

  1. To upload a file, navigate to Content > Pages.
  2. Navigate to the location in the folder structure where the files should be uploaded.
  3. Click the  Upload icon in the upper right-hand portion of the screen.

    Upload Button in Content > Pages
  4. Alternatively, files can be dragged directly to the folder structure for upload.

    Drag a File Directly into a Folder

However, if not dragging files directly in to the folder structure, after clicking Upload, the Upload to dialog is available and several additional features are available for configuration before finalizing the upload.

Configure some settings while uploading


Setting the Properties for an Upload

  1. From the Access Group drop-down, select the group that should have access to the uploaded file or files. You can only  choose a group to which you belong.
  2. Select an Upload Type. The available types are:
    Standard: When selected, allows files to be dragged to the dialog or browsed for by clicking Add Files.
    Upload and Edit Image: An image can be selected for upload, edited, and then uploaded.
    Zip: Allows the a zip file to be uploaded. For more information about the Zip Import feature: Zip Import
  3. By default, files are not overwritten. To allow files to be overwritten, select the Overwrite Existing checkbox.


Selecting a File to Upload

A file can be uploaded by browsing the local computer or by dragging to the dialog. Both methods allow for selecting multiple files for upload at one time.

Dragging a File to Upload

  1. From the Upload dialog open, click and drag the file or files to upload. Multiple files may be selected and uploaded at one time. On a PC, use CTRL+Click, Shift+Click, or click and drag to select multiple files. For a Mac, use the Command key to select multiple files. Drag the selection from the file browser window to the OU Campus upload dialog.

    Drag & Drop Feature
  2. Alternatively, click the Add Files button to browse and select local files.
  3. Files may be renamed within the upload dialog at this point by clicking Rename, entering the new file name, and clicking OK.

    Note that after renaming a file, the modification can be reverted by clicking Revert.
  4. Click Start Upload to upload the files. 

    During the upload the status is shown as In Progress, and when completed, as Done. If a file could not be uploaded, which may be the case if it does not follow file naming conventions configured by the site, the status message indicates an error and the file is not uploaded.

  5. Click Close when finished.

Example of Successful File Upload


Uploading Directly to the Folder Structure

Files may be uploaded to the Pages list view directly by dragging from a local computer on to the directory to where they should be uploaded.

  1. Locate the appropriate folder or subfolder where files should be uploaded.
  2. From the desktop or computer's file browser, select the files for upload.

    Selected Files for Drag and Drop

  3. Drag the files into the Internet browser and drop them in the desired folder.

    Uploading Files via Drag and Drop

  4. A success message confirms the upload of the files.


Additional Information and Reminders

  • To import multiple files using only one selection and containing subfolders, use the Zip Import feature.

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