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Multi-Browser Preview Overview

The Multi-Browser Preview feature is a tool that provides cross-browser, cross-platform rendering of web pages prior to publishing to the production server. A page can be previewed as it would render with specific browsers and on specific operating systems, including mobile platforms. This allows for testing a page to ensure compatibility with five desktop browsers: Chrome, Firefox, MS Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari, as well as versions of iOS and Android for eight types of mobile hardware.

After making a selection of browsers, the previews are provided as thumbnail images, which can then be shown in a new tab and viewed as a slide show. Additionally, the screenshots can be downloaded as a ZIP file and shared. Up to 25 combinations can be chosen at one time. An OU Campus user can bookmark the page and then navigate to other areas of the CMS to perform tasks such as editing a page and then return to the view when the notification is shown indicating the rendering has completed.

Multi-Browser Preview


Choosing the Previews

  1. After saving a page or from Preview mode, click the Multi-Browser Preview icon in the upper, right corner of the preview screen. This displays the combinations of browsers and platforms that can be selected for Multi-Browser Preview.

    Multi-Browser Icon

  2. Up to 25 Browsers / OS may be selected. You can just click on the Browser Version number next to your chosen Operating System.

    Multi-Browser Options

    Each individual selection can be cleared by clicking the name or number again, or the entire field may be cleared by clicking Reset.

    Multi-Browser Preview

  3. If necessary, choose a Mobile Orientation:Portrait or Landscape.

    Multi-Browser Preview

  4. Click Preview at the bottom of the page. It is possible to bookmark the page in order to return to the view later. Bookmarking a page is browser dependent, but for some browsers this may be accomplished by dragging the page icon in the URL bar to the bookmark bar.

    Multi-Browser Preview Button

    It is also possible after clicking Preview to return to the browser selection view by clicking the Multi-Browser Preview icon.

During the time it takes to render the previews, the number of completed previews is shown as a subset of the total number, and previews not yet completed are shown as queued. If it is not possible to render one or more previews, then the number of previews that could not be rendered in the elapsed time frame is indicated and within each preview thumbnail.

Multi-Browser Preview

A new window or tab shows the status of the request and will auto refresh every 10 seconds until the process is completed. This process can take a few minutes as it completes the request and creates screenshots of the page in the different browsers selected.

When completed, thumbnail images of the page show what the page will look like in the selected browsers.

Multi-Browser Preview

Click on a thumbnail image (or the linked text identifying the browser/platform combination) to view the screenshot. From here, scroll through the available images. It is possible to click the image to enlarge it to a full size image.

Multi-Browser Preview

The grouping of the thumbnails can be changed with the Group By buttons by selecting either Browser or OS.

Multi-Browser Preview

This changes the organization of the thumbnails, which can aid in troubleshooting issues by isolating the issue as a browser-specific or platform-dependent.

Multi-Browser Preview

Click the Export ZIP button to create the ZIP package that can be exported to one's local computer. The ZIP package includes each individual thumbnail image as a PNG file.


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