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Slider Images

The slider image gallery is available for all templates (excluding add-on templates such as galleries, staff, news, and calendars).  Please Note:  the slider property (mentioned below) may not be present on all pages.  If you have a page that you would like a slider to appear on, but the page does not have the slider property, please contact the ITS Service Desk.


Basic Image Information

You can turn your slider on and off in the Page Properties.

Page Properties

A PUBLISHED slider.pcf file MUST BE IN THE SAME FOLDER (you might have to copy one in from another folder) as the page in which you want the slider to appear.   Only one slider.pcf file may exist within each folder.  If you turn on the slider properties for a page, but you get an error message when trying to preview or edit the page - it is likely that you do not have a PUBLISHED slider.pcf file in the current folder.

Below are the standard sizes based on your selected template family:

If you hover your mouse over an image, the rotation will pause until you move your mouse off the image.  Users also have the ability to advance to another image more quickly by clicking on the circles below the slider or by clicking the arrows that appear when you hover over an image.


Modifying Image Slider

  • You can modify your slider in the slider.pcf file.  If you click on the slider.pcf file and it brings up a lot of XML code, please check out the file (if not done already) and click on the Edit PropertiesPage Propertiesicon from the Page List view or props button from the Split Screen view.

    Page Properties

  • Path: Images must be uploaded ahead of time. Please click on "Select a file..." under the Image Path.  You must select an image.  You will not be able to type in the image name.  To view the images you have uploaded, you may need to switch to production.
  • Caption Title: This will appear on the top line of the Image Caption.  The text will appear in Bold. (Please Note: If you do not have a Caption Title or a Caption Description, the Gray Caption will not appear.)
  • Caption Description: This will appear on the bottom line of the Image Caption. (Please Note: If you do not have a Caption Title or a Caption Description, the Gray Caption will not appear.)
  • Alt Tag: An alt tag is required for ADA Compliance.
  • Link: If you want the image to link to a different location, you can enter a link in this field. 
    • The link will need to start with http:// or https://.
    • If there is an ampersand (&) in the URL
      (http://www.wku.edu/funnymonkeys/index.php?id=1&type=S),       it will need to be entered with an & instead of just an &.  For example, the above URL will need to be entered as (http://www.wku.edu/funnymonkeys/index.php?id=1&type=S).
      This will need to be modified every time you save the sliders.pcf file.  If you do not replace the & with & you will get the following error message.  When you receive this message, go back into page properties and correct your link.
    Slider Error
  • Active Checkbox:  If the Active Checkbox is selected, the entered image will be displayed.  If there is not an image entered, do not check the Active Checkbox.
  • After you edit the images, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Save button.  Then, publish the slider.pcf file.

    Save Slider


Need Assistance?

The WKU ITS Service Desk is here to help. Give us a call, chat with a representative online, use the Self-Help Knowledge Base and more.

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 Last Modified 10/22/18