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Staff Pages

This tutorial will show you how to manage your staff pages.  This will assist you in creating both staff listing pages and individual staff profile pages.   The available fields area listed in the "Explanation of Fields" section at the bottom of this page.

Staff Listing Example    Staff Profile Example


Permissions to Access to Staff Pages

Site Managers have been granted permission to access staff page by default.  But, access to staff pages is controlled separately than access to OU Campus - so if additional people would like to receive access to modify staff pages for your department , a request should be made by the Main Site Contact for your site, or the Department Head/Dean/Director of your department.


Step-by-Step Guide

  1. You can login to the OU Add-Ons App in one of two ways.  First, you can access the OU Add-Ons App through the Add-Ons tab within OU Campus.  You will be required to login to the OU Add-Ons App with your NetID username and password even after logging into OU Campus.

    Alternatively, you can logon to the OU Add-Ons App by going to the following URL:  http://www.wku.edu/apps/ouaddons and logging in with your NetID username and password.
  2. Click on the Staff Icon from the home page or by clicking on Staff under OU Campus in the top menu.
    Select Staff
  3. You should now see a list of departments you have access to manage staff members for.   Click on the Edit Icon to the right of the department you would like to manage.
    Departments List
  4. You should now see a list of members that have already been added to your department.  If no members have been added to this department, you will see a message letting you know no members have been added.
  5. To add a member see "Add New Member" section below.  To edit a member, see "Edit Existing Member" section below.  To remove a member, see "Remove Existing Member" below.
    Add / Edit / Delete Members


Add New Member

  1. Click on the Add Member to: link above the current member list
  2. Enter the Email address of the new member
  3. If this member already exists in a different department, you will be asked if you want to add the member to your department.
  4. If the member does not exist, you will be taken to a form in which you can add information about the member.
  5. For an explanation of the fields, see the Explanation of Fields section below.
  6. After completing the form, click the Add Member button at the bottom of the form.


Edit Existing Member

  1. From the Department Member list - click on the Edit Icon next to the member you would like to edit.
  2. Make the desired changes to the form.  See the Explanation of Fields section below.
  3. After completing the form, click the Update Member button at the bottom of the form.


Remove Existing Member from Department

  1. From the Department Member list - click on the Remove Icon
  2. You will be asked for confirmation.  Click Yes if you are sure you want to remove the member from the department.


Explanation of Fields

Note: Email, First Name, and Last name are required.  All other fields are optional and will only show up on the member's profile page if information is entered in those fields.

  • Prefix - to add Mr., Mrs., Dr., etc.
  • First Name - the member's first name
  • Last Name - the member's last name
  • Suffix - for list of degrees, professional certifications, etc.  This field will appear after the last name on the profile page.
  • Email - the email address of the member.  If the person is a WKU faculty/staff member - this should be their WKU email address.
  • Title - the job title for the member
  • Office - the office building and # for the member
  • Phone - the member's phone number
  • Website - the website for the member
  • Image - the image for the member.  The image should be 315x250 (Height x Width).  If the member's image was taken by University Photography then you should be able to find image under the University Shared Drive in S:\\University Photography
  • Custom Fields - you can add to the list of items displayed by filling out the Custom Fields and Custom Values.  An example could be "Monkey Type:  Chimpanzee" where "Monkey Type" is the Custom Field and "Chimpanzee" is the Custom Value.
  • Sections - for each of the three sections you have a custom title and a content area.  These three sections are listed in order on the staff page and can represent anything from bios to research.


Need Assistance?

The WKU ITS Service Desk is here to help. Give us a call, chat with a representative online, use the Self-Help Knowledge Base and more.

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