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Operation Comics, Issue #3 - Not Your Average Cat

Operation Comics, Issue #3

In this third issue, Wonderguy encounters a petty thief called the Cheetah. He had once been a mere biologist wanting funding for his genetics research into making a faster human, but after experimenting on himself, he finds that he can run as fast as a cheetah. He decides that if he can get attention for his research by eluding the great Wonderguy, then the funding he wants will soon be his. However, he did not count on Claire and Dillon, Wonderguy's mathematical ace-in-the-hole.

In this issue, the mathematics concepts of the arithmetic mean and graphing points on a coordinate plane are presented.

This issue was reviewed by Bill Howard for Readers' Favorite:

Rating: 5.0 stars

"Operation Comics #3: Not Your Average Cat" by Bruce Kessler is a fantastic way to teach math concepts through the use of what kids love to read most. When frustrated scientist Doctor Joseph Emata is unable to get funding for his research, he tries out the experimental DNA formula on himself. He discovers that his formula makes him as fast as a cheetah, but it only lasts for short periods of time. Unable to secure another meeting to present his successful experiment, he decides to do something public to get the attention of those who might fund him. He turns to robbing banks and stores, quickly running away before anyone can catch him. Superhero, Wonderguy, finds himself unable to catch Joseph, renamed the cheetah. Thus he draws attention to himself, but in a negative way. Wonderguy, however, has a secret weapon; he consults Claire and Dillon, math whiz kids, who use math to help him solve the crime.

"Operation Comics #3: Not Your Average Cat" by Bruce Kessler is a great tool for helping kids become more interested in math. It not only has suspense and action to keep the reader interested, but it teaches a math concept that relates to solving the crime. The comic is easy to read and the illustrations are simple but effective for helping to tell the story. This is part three in a series which teach math concepts and are certain to continue to be a hit with kids and math teachers alike. This is a great addition to the bookshelves of both as well. The comic not only teaches math concepts, but it also teaches that crime, no matter for what reason, doesn't pay.


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