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Operation Comics, Issue #1 - Captain Confusion's Revenge

Operation Comics, Issue #1

In this first issue, Wonderguy encounters a villain named Captain Confusion, who threatens the students and faculty at Best Elementary School. Captain Confusion resents the fact that Wonderguy is a respected hero, because he perceives him as a unintelligent brute, while Captain Confusion, a self-described intellectual, is not. His plan is to show the world how dumb Wonderguy really is, and to ruin his career as a hero by using his supposed lack of intelligence as a means of preventing him from saving the occupants of the elementary school. In the course of the story, we find that Wonderguy actually does need some help, which is supplied by the two real heroes of the story, Claire and Dillon, two members of the school's academic team.

In this issue, the mathematics concepts of the divisibility-by-nine test, least common multiples, and using formulas to describe number patterns are presented.


This issue was reviewed by Anna del C. Dye for Readers' Favorite:

Rating: 5.0 stars

This is a great superhero comic-type book that teaches children some math skills. Each page contains well-done drawings of colorful and bright apparels to attract the young reader's mind. The story line is one we have seen before, but it works perfectly for the age you want to teach. The brightly colored pages will make the readers feel they are reading a comic book and not a study guide. Captain Confusion is mad because he was ridiculed in front of his peers a long time ago. He was one of the best on his academic team and they said his answer was wrong. Now he has the opportunity to ridicule the super hero Wonderguy. Captain Confusion knows that Wonderguy will be presenting awards at his old elementary school and is looking forward for the world to see that he is the hero and not this Wonderguy. So Captain Confusion and his confusion gas trap all the kids and the super hero in the school within a bubble. Now all he has to do is show that Wonderguy is a moron as he won't be able to solve his three math problems.

This book will be very well-received by elementary school teachers as a great tool for students who need motivation to do math work. It is written in comic book setting which is easy to follow. I believe many kids will enjoy learning math with this book. I enjoyed the story and the tale that never grows old, no matter what the reader's age.


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