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Hybrid Nav | Home Page


Left Navigation Info

Navigation menus are done in <ul> and <li> tags.  The HTML code is set up as follows:

<li>Menu Item 1</li>
<li>Menu Item 2</li>

Left Column Info

Not only can you have your nav in the left (column 1) but you can also add content and images. Please note that anything you put in the left column will show up on ALL of the pages within your site.

Left Column Styles

Class - main_left
Width - 195px
Margin-Right - 15px

Alt tags help with ADA complianceImage Describing Captions for ImagesThis is the Information for the Path and Active checkInformation about entering a link

Captions are Optional

Information on Captions are covered in another image or click on the image to go to a slider self help page.

Caption Title

Caption Description

Hybrid Navigation Home Page Template

Template Family

The Hybrid Nav template family has 3 templates available: home template (only available for the home page), 2 column template, and 3 column template. The home template and 3 column template are identical other than the fact that the home template allows the use of the image slider. The 2 column template does not use the right column.


This template is a combination of the Left Navigation template and the Top Navigation template.  One potential use for this template family is if you wanted your division/college navigation across the top and then your department's navigation on the left.

The top navigation also has the ability to use a drop-down menu through the use off a nested <ul>.  This is accomplished via CSS and nothing is required on your end to make this happen other than the nested <ul>.  Hover over an item in the top navigation of this site to see an example of drop-down menus..

If you do want to use the top navigation from another site, email and tell us what top navigation you would like to use as well as which site you work in.  For example, if Web Services wanted to use the Public Affairs top navigation we would want to know that the /webservices site wants to use the /publicaffairs top navigation.

Main Column Styles

Class - main
Width - 425px

Template Styles

All styles can be viewed in the stylesheet

Why Funny Monkeys

We chose the site /funnymonkeys because we figured that there would not be any departments who would want that alias.  We also like pictures of funny monkeys.

No Monkeys were harmed by WKU in the creation of this site.  All pictures were randomly found on Google.

Right Column Styles

Class - main_right
Width - 280px
Border-Left - 1px dashed #ccc
Margin-Left - 15px
Padding-Left - 15px

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