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2021 Student Awards in Chemistry

Jackson Ansari

Jackson Ansari had a stand-out performance in general chemistry this past year, and we are very pleased to recognize his hard work, talent, and perseverance! 

Mardan Khashimov

Mardan Khashimov is an outstanding student majoring in Biochemistry and planning on attending medical schools. He has demonstrated an excellent dedication and talent in the challenging study of organic chemistry.

Longi Li

Longji has been active as a student researcher in diverse areas, including small genome development, computational chemistry, and material science. He has made four presentations of his work at local and regional meetings.  In addition to this award in Analytical Chemistry, Longji's honors include making the Dean's list and receiving the Cornelius A. Martin Scholarship every semester since his start at WKU. He also received the Undergraduate Award in Inorganic Chemistry last spring. Longji will be starting a Ph.D. program in inorganic and materials chemistry at Iowa State University in the fall.

Fiona Wasson

Fiona is graduating with an ACS-certified chemistry major and mathematics minor. Fiona’s service activities include volunteering with the Girl Scouts of America since 2014, involvement with the Women in Science and Engineering community since 2017, Women’s Rugby Club president, and president and treasurer of the Phi Sigma Pi Honor Fraternity. Fiona completed an internship with Clariant in the summer of 2019 and she worked as a teaching assistant for organic chemistry since fall 2020. Fiona has conducted research on organic polymers since fall 2019 and she will pursue a Ph.D. in chemistry at the University of Cincinnati in fall 2021.

Chloe Henson

Chloe is an ACS chemistry major. Her performance in our two-semester physical chemistry course this year has been outstanding. Chloe is bright, dynamic, and excited about science. She always has great questions about how seemingly disparate topics that are related in ways that most students miss. That skill will serve her well as she explores intensive research this summer in an REU program committed to energy and environmental materials and green chemistry. 

Jason Zhang

Jason, a Gatton Academy student, has demonstrated outstanding academic abilities while studying here at WKU.  Jason has already won numerous awards in his early scholarly pursuits.  He is exceptionally gifted intellectually while concurrently coupling that with a strong work ethic.   Jason performed at the top of his class in analytical chemistry both in lecture and the laboratory.  His mastery of chemical concepts extends to inorganic chemistry where Jason was the top student in the year-long inorganic sequence. He has been actively engaged in undergraduate research and has achieved remarkable progress.  Among his many talents and achievements, Jason also has attained the rank of Eagle Scout.

Cristina Throckmorton

Cristina is a gifted educator whose passion for teaching began in her calculus course as a senior in high school.  She knew then that she would have a career in education because she “wanted to make a difference in the lives of my students.”  Cristina will be graduating with majors in both Chemistry and, Science and Math Education.  She has been a valued member of the student-support staff in the SKyTeach stockroom.  Cristina has elected to join the science faculty at Greenwood High School in Bowling Green, KY during the upcoming academic year.  

Lauren McQuaide

Lauren is one of WKU’s outstanding undergraduate students.  She has been very active in the chemistry department having been engaged as a Chemistry Ambassador, a staple in the Chemistry Club, and as related to this award, has offered her talents as a Teaching Assistant in freshman chemistry laboratories.  Her teaching efforts have consistently brought high praise from students and faculty alike.   Lauren’s energy, gregarious personality, skills, and dedication have been invaluable to the chemistry department.

Lucy Rawson

Lucy is graduating with an ACS-certified degree in Chemistry. Aside from her exceptional classroom performance, she has worked in the Chemistry stockroom and has undertaken a year of undergraduate research. Lucy clearly enjoys being part of a community in whatever class she is in, as she supports others in their learning and actively engages with questions, laboratory writing, and discussing the applications of whatever topic she is studying at the moment. 

Jessica R. Schlabach

Jessica is an outstanding student and had integrated herself into every aspect of life within the Chemistry Department. She has been an active researcher, ambassador, and teaching assistant.  Jessica has been focused and committed to each of those activities. She is thoughtful and conscientious and pushes others around her to do their best. Jessica will be attending medical school this fall and plans to use her degree to serve the medically underprivileged.  

Christian Alcantar

Christian Alcantar is the lead assistant in organic chemistry labs.  He is extremely responsible for his duties, cooperative with the professor, and well prepared for the classes. He is devoted to helping students to develop hands-on skills in the organic laboratory.

Seth Klaine

Seth Klaine is an outstanding master's student with exceptional achievements in research and the classroom. He has published four peer-reviewed papers and presented his research in multiple professional conferences. Upon graduation, Seth will pursue his Ph.D. in the top research institution.






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