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Drew Martin Class of 2011

"I took one step onto campus as a prospective student my senior year and immediately knew that WKU was where I belonged for the next four years. "


Drew's Story

After completing the Governor’s Scholar Program as a high school senior, I hadn’t even considered WKU as an option for my college education. Growing up in Todd County just 45 minutes away from Bowling Green, WKU was too close to home. I had always imagined that after graduating, I would move as far away from home as possible and attend a huge university. I had been in Bowling Green hundreds of times growing up, and had even been on WKU’s campus numerous times for different athletic events. However, I took one step onto campus as a prospective student my senior year and immediately knew that WKU was where I belonged for the next four years. 

When arriving at WKU, I quickly hit the ground running with activities outside of the classroom.  After joining my fraternity, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, numerous doors were opened both on and off campus. My involvement with SAE led to an immediate group of great friends and a brotherhood that, to this day, is very strong. My membership in the fraternity led to my involvement as Interfraternity Council President, a WKU Spirit Master, WKU Relay for Life Chairman, and being selected as Greek Man of the Year. In these different leadership positions, I was able to grow both personally and professionally, refining many skills along the way. These positions on campus allowed me to interact and lead different groups of students testing my communication and organizational skills, and getting opportunities that most college students do not. 

Not only was I able to refine and develop skills outside the classroom, but I also had the ability to learn and grow in the classroom as well. Throughout my courses in Political Science and Communications, I was challenged daily by faculty members and my fellow classmates and encouraged to get involved on a daily basis. After spending four years as an undergraduate at WKU, I enjoyed it so much I decided to stay and obtain a graduate degree. I would have never been prepared for the career path that I have chosen without the educational foundation I received at WKU.

WKU prides itself on the motto: “The Spirit Makes the Master.” In my experiences no two individuals explain this motto the same way.   For me, this motto is a phrase that encompasses a feeling of being beyond proud of a place that provided me with lifelong friendships, opportunities, and learning experiences.


Drew is currently the President of Junior Achievement of Southern Kentucky. They work to inspire and prepare students to succeed in a global economy, and their chapter helps nearly 10,000 students in six counties.


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