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Ouch! Top Life Safety Tips

  • Author: Friday, May 26th, 2017
Ouch! Top Life Safety Tips

Did you know that on average, slips, trips, and/or falls account for 37% of all WKU work-related injuries?

We want to encourage employees to practice daily safety tips that will benefit the entire campus. Help us spread awareness by understanding the most common accidents, and how to prevent them. With a little focus and organization, here’s a few ways you can prevent hazards for you and your fellow Hilltoppers. Use the hashtag #BeWellWKU and post the ways your office or family prevents injuries!

Common Accidents
Tripping over electrical cords or wires
Slipping on wet floors
Tripping when carrying objects that obstruct a person’s view. 
Losing balance and falling while descending stairs
Tripping over loose carpeting, loose floor tiles, etc.
 Bumping into open desk drawers or filing cabinets
 Tripping on uneven ground, such walking as The Hill 
How To Prevent Accidents
Keep pathways and walkways open and unobstructed
Clean up spills ASAP and use “wet floor” sign to flag such areas
Avoid carrying large loads that might block your vision
 Use the handrails and go slowly down the stairs
Report damaged flooring, sidewalks, carpeting or tiles immediately
Close open desks or file drawers, even though you may not have opened them
Keep your eyes focused on the path ahead of you, not the phone screen in front of you.
General Safety Tips
Have easy access to important phone numbers in case of emergency (i.e. at your work desk or bedside table) 
Keep medications and chemicals safely out of reach 
Rearrange furniture items to make things more accessible 
Put non-slip mats under household rugs and runners
Try to buy round-ended furniture to avoid sharp objects & accessories 
Lock away firearms and other weapons
Adpot a guard dog
Protect sliding doors by inserting metal bar on bottom track
Vacation Safety Tips
Create the illusion that someone is home (i.e. turn TV on, leave some interior lights on a timer)
Never leave notes on the front door when you go out (for a neighbor or dogsitter)
Lower home phone ringtone (to not advertise that you're not answering) 
Unplug certain appliances such as toaster, washing machine, computers
Never leave keys in expected places (under a mat, flowerpot, above the door)
Have a trusted neighbor regualrly pick up your mail 

source: http://www.atlantictraining.com/safety-tips/home-safety-tips.php

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