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Never let your circumstances define you - advice from a recent WKU graduate

  • Author: Kelsey Burnett, WKU Glasgow
  • Author: Monday, May 15th, 2017

   Sometimes college is put on hold when other factors, such as family, come into play. Going to school while raising children can appear to be a challenging, if not impossible, task at times. Although life has thrown three unexpected, yet very special surprises at one WKU Glasgow student, nothing could stop her from achieving her dreams and bettering the future for her family. Ashley Broady, a 2017 May Graduate, remarked in her speech at WKU Glasgow’s Graduand Ceremony, “College was always in my master plan, but as people say, ‘Life happened’ and plans had to be amended to reflect the new and exciting changes that were to come.” After welcoming her first child into the world during her sophomore year of high school, college most likely seemed a dubious dream. With hard work and determination, she received her GED and made plans to attend college. As Ashley prepared to start at WKU Glasgow, she and her husband welcomed another child into their lives, and her college plans were once again put on hold for a while longer. In 2007, Ashley’s family brought their third child into the world and decided her family was complete. With three children at home depending on her, Ashley waited until they were all in school to begin her own educational journey. As one could imagine, it was not easy, but with perseverance she succeeded and recently received a bachelor’s degree in elementary education.

   Ashley chose to seek a college degree not only to better herself, but to show her children there is more to life than just settling for what they think they deserve. “I want them to know that sometimes you have to reach for the stars and hope that you can reach high enough to make all your dreams come true,” said Ashley. She believes that people should never limit themselves to what they think they can accomplish. “There is so much more potential for you to create a better life if you just let go and be fearless,” she continues. These life lessons are what Ashley learned from her college experience and are what she will take with her for the rest of her life. She knows first-hand the struggles that come with striving for goals that seem unachievable. When asked for advice to give to other students who are in a similar situation or for students who feel like earning a degree is impossible, Ashley very wisely says, “Everyone is allowed to have a dream and they should never let their circumstance decide whether their dreams are realized. The path to achieving this dream is not easy, but with hard work and a lot of determination, they will get there. It's better to get there late, than never get there at all!” 

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