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Master of Arts Graduate Program

Master of Arts (M.A.) Degree

This online program is intended for students who are secondary teachers who already hold teacher certification and are seeking rank change through earning a Master's degree.  In addition, this program prepares teachers to teach dual credit classes and at a community college or technical school. This degree does not provide initial teacher certification or prepare a student for doctoral studies in mathematics.

The M.A. in Mathematics requires 30-34 hours of graduate-level coursework.  For admission to the Graduate College at WKU, click the following link for the Office of Graduate Studies.  For more information about the Graduate Record Exam (GRE), click the following link for the Educational Testing Service.  The GRE scoring system has changed since August 2011.  If you have a old GRE score, then you need to convert it to the new score by using a table that can be found under the following link.  The Department of Mathematics offers graduate assistantships to students in residence at WKU for $9,000 per semester, part of which can be applied directly to tuition.  The application form can be found at the following link.

To be admitted to the M.A. program, students must meet the following criteria:

(1)  satisfy one of the following conditions:

  • have a GAP score of at least 600,
  • have a GRE general score of at least 300, or
  • if students have graduated from WKU with a degree in mathematics, a GPA of at least 3.3 in their undergraduate major.

(2)  a bachelor's degree in mathematics, OR the completion of the following undergraduate courses, with at most one deficiency:

(a)  a calculus sequence through multivariable calculus,
(b)  linear algebra,
(c)  discrete mathematics,
(d)  probability or calculus-based statistics,
(e)  abstract algebra, and
(f)  geometry.

Applicants must also have or be eligible for a teaching certificate* for Secondary Mathematics (Grades 8-12).  A copy of the certificate or statement of eligibility must be submitted with the application.

*Kentucky teachers whose certificates have expired may be admitted into the program, but they may enroll in no more than six hours before they must apply to the Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board for re-issued certificates.  After completion of six hours, a student admitted with an expired certificate must submit a copy of the re-issued certificate before being allowed to register for any additional courses.  Applicants from out-of-state with expired certificates must complete the requirements for their respective states to renew their certificates and submit a copy of the reissued certificate.

Mathematics – 18 hours

  1. The following courses are required:
    MATH 501 Introduction to Probability and Statistics I
    MATH 503 Introduction to Analysis
    MATH 511 Algebra from an Advanced Perspective
    MATH 512 Geometry from an Advanced Perspective

  2. Six hours of elective mathematics courses from the following list:  MATH 405G, 406G, 409G, 415G, 417G, 421G, 423G, 431G, 432G, 435G, 439G, 450G, 470G, 475G, 500, 504, 509, 510, 514, 517, 523, 529, 531, 532, 535, 536, 539, 540, 541, 542, 550, 560, 570, 590, 599, STAT 549.

A maximum of 9 hours at the 400G-level may be included in the entire program.  Comprehensive exams in mathematics are required. A student who chooses to do a thesis is required to complete 6 hours of MATH 599 Thesis Research and Writing and to give an oral defense of the thesis.

Secondary Education – 13-16 hours

This program is designed to develop Teacher Leaders who can positively impact student learning in their classrooms and schools.  Courses and experiences include Professional Learning Communities in which students interact with other graduate students from various content areas and grade levels to discuss and work on real world challenges and promising practices they encounter in schools.

An Action Research Project for Teacher Leaders focusing on a classroom, school, or district issue is the capstone for the completion of the Secondary Education portion of the degree.

During the first course in the program, TCHL 500 Foundations of Teacher Leadership, students will complete an assessment process that will be used in determining which TCHL core courses they must take (see Important Note below).  All students must complete either TCHL 545 and 555 or pass proficiency evaluations for these courses.  TCHL 500, 530, 559, and 560 are required for all students, and there are no proficiency evaluations that may be substituted for these courses.

Important Note: While enrolled in TCHL 500, master's candidates will use several documents, including their KTIP assessments or in-kind examples, dispositions self-surveys, referrals from school personnel, and their respective School Improvement Plan, to develop with their respective program advisors individualized programs of study of 31-34 hours related to Kentucky Teacher Standards and professional goals.  Each student's program of study will include some or all of the TCHL courses, at least one content course specific to their initial teaching certification areas, plus additional education-related or content courses.

  1. Professional Education Core – 10-16 hours.  Courses denoted with an asterisk are required courses.

    *TCHL 500 – Foundations of Teacher Leadership (3 hours)
    *TCHL 530 – Curriculum Development (3 hours)
    TCHL 545 – Classroom Instructional Strategies and Management (3 hours)
    TCHL 555 – School and Classroom Assessment (3 hours)
    *TCHL 559 – Action Research Design (1 hour)
    *TCHL 560 – Action Research Capstone for Teacher Leaders (3 hours)

  2. Education Electives – 0-3 hours.  Students who successfully complete the proficiency examinations for either TCHL 545 or TCHL 555 may graduate with 31 hours.  However, students who successfully complete the proficiency examinations for both TCHL 545 and TCHL 555 must substitute at least one education course with advisor approval to have a minimum of 31 hours to graduate.

Secondary Education Mid-Point Assessment Requirements:  Students are expected to enroll in TCHL 500 at the beginning of their program and in TCHL 560 toward the end.  Students should consult with their advisors regarding the optimal sequence of course work to meet their professional goals.  Students must achieve an average of 3.0 on all Critical Performances and an average score of 3 on dispositions even though a candidate's program of studies does not include the courses.  Additional course work may be required based on the assessment results.

Secondary Education Completion Requirements:

1.  Successfully complete TCHL 560 (Course grade of C or higher).
2.  Give acceptable presentation of action research in approved venue.
3.  Achieve a minimum 3.0 GPA overall and in secondary education course work.

For further information, please contact Dr. Kanita DuCloux, (270) 745-8791,

or check out our graduate brochure link below.

 Graduate Brochure Cover


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