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Pre-2011: 34/35 Hour General Major

Students who wish to declare a 728 mathematics major are initially designated as 728P (Mathematics Prep).  In order to be granted full admission into the 728 major, a student must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Complete MATH 136, MATH 137, AND MATH 307 or MATH 310, with a grade of C or better in each course.
  • Have an overall GPA of at least 2.4 in all mathematics program courses completed prior to admission (MATH 136 and above).
  • Submit a Change of Major form to change from 728P to a 728 major.

A minimum of 39 hours of mathematics is required.  The major/minor combination must have at least 59 hours with 52 unduplicated hours.  All mathematics courses listed as prerequisites for other courses must have been completed with a grade of C or above.

Logic Requirement – 3 hours

PHIL 215 or EE 180 is required.  Students should complete one of these courses in the first year of study as a prerequisite for MATH 307.  PHIL 215 counts toward General Education Category B-II.

Computer Science Requirement – 8 hours

CS 180 and CS 181 are required - each is a 4 hour course.  Contact an Office Associate in the Department of Computer Science (745 - 3651) in order to lift the restriction for registering for CS 180.   Starting in Spring 2012, PHIL 215 is a prerequisite for CS 181.  For catalog years before Fall 2008, the requirement is only one of either CS 230 / 170 or CS 240 / 180.

Mathematics Requirements – 34 hours

1.  Required Courses (25 hrs) –  MATH 136 (4 hrs),  MATH 137 (4 hrs),  MATH 237 (4 hrs),  MATH 307 (3 hrs), MATH 310 (3 hrs),  MATH 317 (3 hrs),  MATH 337 (3 hrs), MATH 498 (1 hr)

2.  Of the remaining 9 hours that are required, at least 6 hours must be in mathematics coursework at the 400-level, which cannot include any hours earned in MATH 475.  All remaining hours must be earned from the following courses:  STAT 301,  MATH 275 (up to 3 hours), MATH 305, MATH 315, MATH 323, MATH 331, MATH 382, MATH 398 (up to 3 hours), MATH 405, MATH 406, MATH 415, MATH 417, MATH 423, MATH 431, MATH 432, MATH 435, MATH 439, MATH 450, MATH 470, MATH 475 (up to 6 hours), MATH 482.  Prior to Fall 2010, MATH 382 & 482 were numbered as MATH 329 & 429, respectively.

3.  You must complete at least one of these sequences:  MATH 317–417; MATH 382–482; MATH 331–435; MATH 405–406; MATH 337–431; MATH 337–450.

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Dr. Tom Richmond Elected to the Mathematical Association of America Congress

Dr. Tom Richmond has been elected to the MAA Congress for a three-year term as the representative of the Kentucky MAA section.

Dr. Molly Dunkum named a CPE Faculty Collaborative Fellow

Dr. Molly Dunkum was named one of two Faculty Collaborative Fellow by the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education. The award is for the 2015-16 and 2016-17 academic years, and carries its own honorarium and travel funds.

2015 Math Symposium Dates Announced

The 35th Annual Mathematics Symposium will be held November 13th and 14th in Snell Hall on WKU's main campus. This year's keynote speaker is Professor Henry Segerman of Oklahoma State University. Students are encouraged to submit abstracts.

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