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Podcast: We've Been Everywhere

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This "We've Been Everywhere" talk series is intended primarily for the audience of the WKU employees as an in-service experience to raise the awareness of WKU's aspiration for international reach.

Haiwang YuanAn Adventure onto the Roof of the World  New

WKU Libraries' professor and web coordinator Haiwang Yuan received a RCAP grant and a sabbatical to write his Tibetan Folktales book. On Tuesday, February 25, 2014, he shared his adventurous research trip with his library colleagues, students, and friends in Helm 100.

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Jonathan JeffreyHousing the Dead: Grave Houses in Kentucky  

WKU Libraries faculty, staff, students, and friends enjoyed a We've Been Everywhere presentation on Tuesday, October 22 in Helm 100 with Jonathan Jeffrey, WKU Special Collections Library Professor and Manuscripts/Folklife Archives Coordinator.

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Jack Montgomery

Remembering Grandma’s Hoodoo: The Current Revival of Folk Spirituality and Magic 

Libraries' "We've Been Everywhere" series featured WKU Libraries Professor, Coordinator, Collection Services Jack Montgomery spoke of his fieldwork and research into the African-American based folk-healing tradition of Hoodoo. Since 1974, Professor Montgomery has researched the traditional, non-medical folk religious practices of several American immigrant populations and shared one such history with his colleagues in Helm Library Room 100 on September 24, 2013.

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Connie Foster

Alaska and the Yukon: North to the Future  

Libraries' "We've Been Everywhere" series featured Dean Foster on February 26, 2013 in Helm Library. She shared her trip and adventure in Alaska and the Yukon with fellow library employees.

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Taryn Rice

A Tour of Historic Royal Palaces

Taryn Rice from Special Collections Library, WKU Libraries, talked about historic royal palaces and towers she had visited in Britain for the We've Been Everywhere program in Helm Library room 100 on October 24, 2012.

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Katherine Pennavaria

Tangier Island: the Strangest Place You've Never Heard of

WKU Libraries professor, Coordinator of Glasgow Regional Library Katherine Pennavaria talked about her trip to Tangier Island: "the strangest place you've never heard of." She was attracted to the island by their quaint accent, she told her colleagues in Helm Library Room 100 on September 25, 2012.

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Charles Smith

Where's Wallace: Searching for Alfred Russell Wallace in London and Brazil

This month's "We've Been Everywhere" literary outreach program featured Dr. Charles Smith, who talked about his trip to London and Brazil researching for Alfred Russel Wallace, an early evolutionary biologist.

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Christopher McConnell

Growing Up in Chile in the 21st Century

On the morning of February 7, 2012, Christopher McConnell, a WKU student who works in the Office of DLPS Head, talked about the rural and urban life of Chile in Helm 100.

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Laura DeLancey

In the Midst of the Egyptian Revolution: Working in Cairo

Laura DeLancey, WKU Elizabethtown Campus Librarian, talked about her being caught in the midst of the Egyptian Revolution while she was working in Cairo.

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