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Government Index Files

American Statistics Index (ASI)

Location: Helm basement, Government Reference.

Call Number: Govt. Ref. Z 7554 .U5 A46

ASI indexes statistical data found in government publications. Print edition covers 1974-2001. This is a comprehensive index and most of the sources cited may be found in the documents collection. ASI is published monthly with annual cumulations divided into abstracts and index volumes. The entries are indexed by subjects, names, categories, titles, agency report numbers, and Superintendent of Documents numbers. There is a cumulative index for 1980-1984. The first volume in the series, ASI 1974 Annual and Retrospective Edition,covers most significant statistical publications issued from the early 1960s to 1974.

CFR Index and Finding Aids

Location: Helm basement, Law Collection,  (located with CFRs).

Call Number: AE 2.106/3-2

This publication indexes the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) by subjects and agencies. It refers the user to CFR Parts and Titles (e.g. 48 CFR 722 refers to Title 48, Part 722). Other finding aids, including a table of rulemaking authority and a list of agencies, are also included. The CFR Index is revised annually. The Code of Federal Regulations is available online through


Location: Helm basement, Government Reference.

Call Number: Ref. KF49 .C62

This publication abstracts and indexes congressional publications. It is published monthly, with annual cumulations in three volumes: CIS Annual Abstracts, CIS Annual Index, and CIS Annual Legislative Histories. WKU's holdings in print are from 1970-1996. The annual introductory material provides detailed descriptions of various congressional publications. The separate volume of legislative histories was published annually from 1984-1996.

CIS U.S. Serial Set Index

Location: Helm basement, Government Reference.

Call Number: Z1223 .Z9 C65 1975

This index provides comprehensive subject and name access to over 300,000 Serial Set publications from 1789 - 1969. The Serial Set includes congressional publications, executive branch publications, and nongovernmental publications. From 1970-96, indexing of Serial Set publications is provided by the CIS/Index.

The Serial Set Index provides access by subjects and keywords, and includes a list of the contents of each Serial Set volume. This index will allow you to locate the item in our Serial Set collection, housed in Government Documents, Helm basement.
Part XIV, Index and Carto-Bibliography of Maps, provides access to more than 20,000 maps found in the Serial Set from 1789 - 1897. They are indexed by title, personal names, corporate names, and geographic areas and subjects.

Comprehensive Index to the Publications of the United States Government, 1881 - 1893

Location: Helm basement, Government Reference
Call Number: I 15.2: In 2/2
John G. Ames compiled this early index of government publications. Ames' picks up where Poore's Descriptive Catalogue leaves off. But, as in Poore's, many departmental publications were left out. This index has a subject arrangement and a name index. In Government Documents, there is also an index by the same title covering the period 1889 - 1893, at I 15.2: In 2/1.

Congressional Record Index

Location: Helm basement, Law Collection (shelved with Congressional Records).
Call Number: X1.1/A:(volume/number)/INDEX
This is an index of the Congressional Record, a record of the public proceedings of each House of Congress. Subjects and names are indexed, and a History of Bills and Resolutions is included. The Congressional Record Index is published semimonthly in paperback. These indexes correspond to the daily paper editions of the Congressional Record.There are also clothbound cumulative indexes which correspond to the clothbound Congressional Records and the microfiche editions. There is no cumulative index to the daily edition of the Congressional Record.

The Congressional Record began publication with the 43rd congress in 1873. Prior to that, Congressional proceedings were covered by: Annals of Congress, 1st Congress (1789) - 18th Congress (1824); Register of Debates, 18th Congress (1824) - 25th Congress (1837); Congressional Globe, 23rd Congress (1833) - 42nd Congress (1873). All of these titles are accompanied by indexes. They are shelved chronologically with the Congressional Records. Between the paper, clothbound and microfiche editions, WKU has a complete collection of Congressional Records. Beginning with the 1995 editions, the Congressional Record is available in searchable form online through . Older editions are available through A Century of Lawmaking for a New Nation: U. S. Congressional Documents & Debates, 1774-1873.

A Descriptive Catalogue of the Government Publications of the United States, September 5, 1774 - March 4, 1881

Location: Helm basement, Government Reference
Call Number: Serial No. 2268
This was the first attempt to make a complete listing of all government publications - executive, legislative, and judicial. However, this two volume work by Ben Perley Poore omitted many executive documents. Poore's is arranged according to the date of publication and each entry is annotated. An index of topics and names is provided.

Energy Research Abstracts (ERA)

Location: Helm basement, Government Documents.
Call Number: E 1.17
ERAindexes information on energy and related subject areas. It includes energy information in report form from the U.S. and foreign countries. Access to entries is provided through five indexes: corporate author, personal author, subject, contract number, and report number. Abstracts are provided for most citations.

ERA is a continuation of ERDA Research Abstracts (v.1, n.1 - 2, 1976) and ERDA Energy Research Abstracts (v.1, n.3, 1976 - v.2, n.19, 1977), which are located at the same call number. WKUs holdings conclude with v.20, n.15, 1995. ERA has been continued on the Web as DOE Information Resources.

Federal Digital System [FDsys]

From full text legislative and regulatory publications, core documents of U. S. Democracy, to federal agency links, the Federal Digital System  is an electronic gateway to explore. Continuously updated.

Federal Register Index

Location: Helm basement  (shelved with the Federal Register)
Call Number: AE 2.106:(volume/number)/INDEX
This is an index to the Federal Register, which publishes documentation of official agency actions, including regulations. Entries refer the user to pages in the Federal Register. The Federal Register Index is published monthly with annual cumulations. WKU has a  subscription from 1973 to 2011. Beginning with 1995 editions, the Federal Register is available online through  or

Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) Index

Location:Helm 1st floor, Electronic Reference, CD-ROM workstation.
This CD-ROM index provides access to a microfiche collection that is received daily through the depository program. FBISprovides translations of foreign news broadcasts. These are available for all regions of the world except North America. The CD loaded at station 12 covers January 2, 1977 to August 30, 1996. The microfiche collection is located in Government Documents, Helm basement (PrEx 7.13).

LexisNexis Government Publications

Location: Internet

The U.S. government agencies publish approximately 170 magazines and newsletters with substantial research value. The articles in these periodicals cover everything from Scientific research projects in Antarctica to zoology; Agriculture to the latest in cancer research to military science to toxicology; Preservation of cultural artifacts to history to teaching English as a second language; Approaches to selling US products in foreign markets to Medicare and health care finance issues... and more. Government Periodicals Universe provides detailed subject and author indexing to access this body of literature and is updated quarterly (March, June, Sept, and December). Each update covers more than 2,000 articles of research value. This database is available on campus via the campuswide information system, WKUNet, and off-campus via the proxy server.

Index of Congressional Committee Hearings Prior to January 3, 1935 in the United States Senate Library

Location: Helm basement, Government Reference.
Call Number: Ref. KF40 .P7x 1971
This nonserial publication by Edwin A. Halsey has a subject index, committee indexes, and bill number indexes. The Index refers users to volumes and numbers which correspond to microfiche which are located in Government Documents, Helm basement. Although the title of the index states "prior to . . . 1935," there are very few references to hearings prior to 1900. This would be good to use if you were following legislation passed in the 1800s and wanted to see if any changes occurred.

Index Medicus

Location: Current year, Glasgow Library Reference; prior issues Helm basement, Government Documents.
Call Number: HE 20.3612
This monthly publication indexes current articles from approximately 3,000 of the world's biomedical journals. Access is through subject and author indexes and there is a separate Bibliography of Medical Reviews. Bound annual cumulations are titled Cumulated Index Medicus. WKU's holdings begin with volume 1, 1960 and continue to the present. Internet access is available through Pub Med.

Index to U.S. Government Periodicals

Location: Helm basement, Government Reference
Call Number: Ref. Z 1223 .Z9 I5
This index provides subject and author access to individual articles appearing in over 180 federally produced journals. No abstracts are provided. WKU's holdings begin with 1970 and continue through 1987. Continued by LexisNexis Government Periodicals via WKUnet.

LexisNexis Congressional

Location: Internet
This database contains a wealth of congressional publications, including hearings, reports, prints and documents and the CIS legislative histories. Find the full text of proposed legislation and its status, the more relevant congressional publications on key American public policy issues, and more. LexisNexis Congressional also provides indexing to documents and microfiche collections housed on the ground floor of Helm Library. Access to this database is restricted by IP address to WKU faculty, staff, and students via the campuswide information system, WKUNet.

List of CFR Sections Affected (LSA)

Location: Helm basement, Law Collection, shelving range 14B (shelved with CFRs)
Call Number: AE 2.106/2:
This directs the user to pages in the Federal Register which update regulations found in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). The LSA is published monthly. The December, March, June and September issues are annual cumulations for certain titles. WKU's holdings begin with 1949 and continue to the present.

Monthly Catalog of United States Government Publications

Location: Internet.
GPO Monthly Catalog indexes federal government documents from July 1976 to the present, and shows which federal documents are selected by WKU. Links to full text web documents are made when available.

National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS) Document Database

Location: Internet
NCJRS indexes and abstracts information on criminal justice (courts, corrections, criminology, juvenile justice, law enforcement, statistics, and victims of crime) found in a variety of formats (articles, books, research reports, etc.). Coverage in this database begins with 1972, and it is updated weekly.

PAIS (Public Affairs Information Service) International in Print

Location: Helm 1st floor, Reference Center periodical indexes.
Call Number: Ref. PER/IND Z 7163 .P9
PAIS International in Print, begun in 1991, is a continuation of Pais Bulletin and incorporates the Pais Foreign Language Index. It is published monthly, with quarterly and annual cumulations. It indexes periodical articles, books, government documents, serials, pamphlets, reports, and some microfiche in the fields of economics and public affairs. Coverage includes publications in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. This publication has a subject arrangement with an author index. There is also a fifteen volume Cumulative Subject Index to the PAIS Annual Bulletins 1915 - 1974. PAIS Bulletins, shelved with PAIS International, cover 1915 - 1990. Available online via FirstSearch academic account.

Resources in Education (RIE)

Location: Helm basement, Government Documents
Call Number: ED 1.310:
The ERIC database available online via EBSCOhost or FirstSearch combines the citations from RIE and CIJE from 1966 to the present. Full text of RIE documents are available on ERICvia EBSCOhost or FirstSearch.

United States Code Annotated (USCA) General Index

Location: Helm basement, Law Collection,  (shelved with USCA)
This publication indexes subjects and names found in the USCA, a subject compilation of federal statutes annotated with notes of court decisions, editorial notes and discussions, and references to other sources. It refers the user to titles and sections of the USCA. The USCA General Index is revised annually. The United States Code is also available on the WWW via GPO Access.

Watergate Investigation Index

Location: Helm basement, Government Reference.
Call Number: GOVT REF KF 26.5 .P7 1973 Suppl.3; and GOVT REF KF 27 .J8 1974e Suppl.4
These two volumes compiled by Hedda Garza provide indexing of Watergate investigation documents. Senate Select Committee Hearings and Reports on Presidential Campaign Activities (Suppl.3) covers Senate Select Committee Hearings including public testimony, Executive Committee testimony, exhibits, and the Final Report of the Select Committee. House Judiciary Committee Hearings and Report on Impeachment (Suppl.4), covers the 39 volumes of the Hearings Before the Committee on the Judiciary. Both volumes have an alphabetical arrangement and an index of subjects and names.

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