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Western Kentucky University

WKU Archives - Faculty/Staff List - R Surnames

This is an alphabetical listing of faculty and some staff who have worked at Western Kentucky University compiled from a variety of sources. WKU Archives does not hold files on all former employees. This list does not include current members of the faculty and is a work in progress.

Personnel records of faculty and staff may include information regarding education, awards, honors and correspondence. Directory information regarding deceased faculty or those who left the university 30 or more years ago may be made available to patrons by request in the Harrison-Baird reading room

These records are in WKU Archives record group UA1D University Wide Personnel File.  A collection inventory of open files is available on TopScholar and will be updated quarterly as the records are processed. For more information contact the WKU Archives at

Rabold, Wilma English 9/15/1957-6/30/1977
Raby, Ronald
Radek, Bruce Music 1980-1981 no file
Rader, Charles
Radle, David Biology 9/18/1972-5/10/1974
Rae, Jane English 1945-1946
Rafferty, Robert Physical Education 8/16/1978-8/15/1981
Ragland, Clara Physical Plant 1959-?
Ragland, Florence Librarian 1909 1923
Ragland, Lizzie Dining Services 1961-? no file
Ragland, Martha
Ragland, Myrtle Physical Plant 1966-?
Ragland, Rebecca Interdisciplinary Humanities 1976-?
Railey, Marlene College Heights Foundation 1975-1976 no file
Rainbolt, Wanda Physical Education & Recreation 1980-1981 no file
Raines, Donnie
Raines, Sheila
Raisor, Kathleen
Ralph, Mary
Ralston, Al
Rama Rao, Siramdasu Art 8/16/1970-8/15/1976
Ramey, Nancy Financial Aid 1979-1980
Ramsey, Betty Education 1967-1970
Ramsey, Bill Educational Television 1966-1968
Ramsey, Dorothy Dining Services 1976-1977 no file
Ramsey, Helen Physical Plant
Ramsey, James, Vice President for Finance & Administration, 1992-1995
Ramsey, Steven Physical Plant
Ramsey, William
Randall, Becky
Randolph, Darlene English 1962 no file
Randolph, Gerald English 1962-1963
Randolph, James
Randolph, Mitch
Randolph, Olga
Ransdell, Gary
Rascoe, Nancy Nursing 1974 -? no file
Rascoe, Robert Physical Education 1970 -? no file
Rasdall, Cassie
Rasdall, Joyce Home Economics 1968-?
Rasmussen, Ivan Music 1939
Rathbun, Kathleen
Rather, Golia Geography 1949 1954
Rather, Odell
Ratliff, Margaret Psychology 1932 1933
Rawlings, Travis Psychology 1950 1951 no file
Ray, Annie Education 1934 1935
Ray, Betty
Ray, Charles Business Education 1969 -? no file
Ray, Daniel Industrial Education 8/16/1976-10/22/1976
Ray, Geneva
Ray, Hugh Military Science 1948 1949
Ray, Izora Dining Services 1965-1972
Ray, Jack
Ray, Joseph
Ray, Linda Purchasing 1963-1964
Ray, Maxine Physical Plant 1963-1964 no file
Ray, Ruby Training School 1928 1929
Ray, William 1957-1959
Rayburn, Letricia Accounting & Finance 1965-?
Raymer, Dorothy Registrar's Office 1965-1979
Raymer, Lahoma Physical Plant 1979-? no file
Raymer, Martha Agriculture 1979-?
Raymond, Gertrude Training School 1936 1940
Raymond, Patricia Psychology 1966 no file
Reagan, L.J. Physical Plant 1975-1977
Reagles, Carol Mathematics 1965-?
Reams, G.H. Science & Physical Education 1912-?
Reardon, Virginia History 1934 1937 
Reardon, Ron
Reasoner, John Chemistry 1965 -? no file
Rector, Elizabeth
Redd, Bertie Health Services 1928-1966
Redding, Evelyn Nursing 8/16/1971-5/15/1972
Redelsheimer, Patricia Library Services 1974 -? no file
Redfern, Johnny  Dining Services 1970-1971
Redfield, Doris
Redman, Chester
Redman, Elizabeth Eagle University 1972-1973
Redman, John Agriculture 1946 1947 no file
Redmon, Rita Chemistry 1965-1966
Redmond, Peggy Nursing 1974 no file
Reece, Ernest Physical Plant 1970-1972
Reed, Donna Government 1977 no file
Reed, John Sociology 9/1/1968-8/15/1972
Reed, Patricia
Reed, Robin Psychology 2/1/1970-8/15/1972
Reed, Talmage Physical Plant ?-1966 no file
Reeder, Jeanne
Reeder, Nancy Training School 1929 1954
Reeder, Ray
Reeder, Robert Sociology 1965-1967
Reeder, Vivian
Reekie, Gilbert Mathematics 9/1/1968-8/15/1972
Reep, Evelyn ?-1960 no file
Rees, Robert Education 1970-1980
Reese, Frederick Elementary Education 8/16/1970-8/15/1974
Reese, Herbert
Reese, Sandra Psychology 8/16/1970-8/15/1974
Reeves, Barbara Registrar's Office 1964-1967
Reeves, Dorothy Education 1970-?
Reeves, Ray Physical Plant ?-1965 no file
Reeves, Sammy University Libraries 1975 no file
Reeves, Stanley Education 1932
Reid, Mattie English 1908 1918
Reid, Ralph Public Safety 1975-1978
Reiss, John English 1965 -? no file
Reiss, Mary English 1973
Renfro, Sharon
Renfrow, Billy
Renfrow, Lillian
Renfrow, Shelby Physical Plant 1970-1977
Rennebaum, Robert Military Science 1957 1960 no file
Rettig, Terrence
Reynolds, Della College of Commerce 1967-1968
Reynolds, Gretchen Registrar's Office 1961-1965
Reynolds, Mark
Reynolds, Mildred Dietitian 1923 1930
Reynolds, Mrs. P.B. secretary 1924-1926 no file
Reynolds, Nola Admissions 1973-1977
Reynolds, Robert Physical Plant 1972-1974
Reynolds, Roy University Relations
Reynolds, Sharon University School Relations 1977 no file
Reynolds, Sheila Dining Services 1979-1980
Reynolds, Webb Physical Plant 1964-? no file
Rhee, Chung-Wook
Rhoades, Carolyn Financial Aid 1979 no file
Rhoades, George Physical Plant
Rhoades, M.C. Mathematics 1931
Rhoades, Michael
Rhodes, Asher Physical Plant 1970-1976
Rhodes, Gene Physical Education 9/1/1964-11/22/1967
Rhoten, Rebecca Student Affairs 1980-? 
Rice, Diane Home Economics 1970-1981
Rice, Donna Physical Plant 1978-1979
Rice, James
Rice, Mary Training School 1942 1945
Rice, Sharon Registrar's Office 1963-1965
Rice, Tammy
Rich, Betty
Rich, Connie Dining Services 1979 no file
Rich, Deborah Dining Services 1976-1977 no file
Rich, Donald Student Affairs 1970-?
Rich, Elmer Education 1971 -? no file
Rich, Jeannie
Rich, Rita
Rich, Sandra
Richards, Donna Physical Plant, 1977-1978 no file
Richards, Emily Secondary Education 9/1/1968-1969
Richards, Eugene Elementary Education 9/1/1968-1969
Richards, Frances English & Journalism 1925-1964
Richards, Grace Dining Services no file
Richards, James Physical Education 9/1/1968-6/30/1995
Richards, Jerald Philosophy & Religion 9/1/1965-8/15/1972
Richards, Jerry Physical Plant 1977-1978
Richards, Kathy Physical Plant 1977-1978
Richards, Phyllis Physical Plant 1972-1973
Richards, Randolph Agriculture & Biology 9/1/1963-8/31/1966
Richards, Walter Jr. (Jody) English 9/1/1963-1970
Richards, West Music 1934 1937
Richardson, Betty
Richardson, Danny
Richardson, Kenneth
Richardson, Marizur Home Economics 1977-1981
Richardson, Michael
Richardson, Patricia
Richardson, Susan Physical Plant 1977-1978
Richey, Alberta Dining Services 1974 no file
Richey, Renai Financial Aid 1972-1973
Richey, Sarah Purchasing 1972-1977
Ricke, William
Rickman, Virginia
Ricks, Beverly
Riddell, Susan English 1966-1967
Riddle, Danita
Riddle, Lillian University Libraries 1974 no file
Riddle, William Jones-Jaggers 12/15/1972-8/3/1974
Rider, Hugh Eagle University Consortium 8/21/1972-11/2/1978
Ridley, Barbara Student Affairs 1974-1975
Ridley, John
Ries, Fred
Riesenweber, Julie
Rigg, William Education 1978-1980
Riggins, Marie History 1929
Riggs, Gary (Mickey) Military Science 1974-1978
Riggs, Schultz Mathematics 9/1/1967-1970
Rigsby, Phillip
Rigsby, Tresia
Riley, Anna President's Office 1924-1929
Riley, Clayton Distributive Education 1973 1991 no file
Riley, Doris Physical Plant 1971-?
Riley, John Chemistry 1968 -? no file
Riley, Marcia Education 1978-1980
Riley, Mary
Riley, Paul Library Services 1976-1980
Riley, Randall BGBU 1949-1950 no file
Riley, Regina Human Resources 1977-1978
Riley, Robert Military Science 1957 1961 no file
Riley, Susan English 1925 1928 no file
Rilying, James Student Affairs 1968-1970
Ringley, Marylee
Rippey, Jird History 1929 1930
Rippy, Eugene Physical Plant 1975-1980 no file
Rippy, Tyra
Ritchie, William Education 1932 1934
Ritman, Chris
Ritter, Donald Education 1970 -? no file
Ritter, Joyce Reading & Special Education 8/16/1973-8/15/1974
Ritter, Lucy Health Services no file
Ritter, Mania Foreign Language 1967 -? no file
Ritter, Max
Ritter, William Engineering Technology 8/16/1975-8/15/1976
Rives, W.E. Geography 1917-1920 no file
Rivers, David
Speech & Theater 1976-1980
Rizzo, Gerri University School Relations 1979-1981
Roach, Nell History 1920-1921 no file
Roach, Sharon Undergraduate Advisement 1969-1973
Robbins, Susan Planetarium 1967-?
Robe, Gary
Robe, Harry Psychology 1967-?
Robenson, John Military Science 1933 1938
Roberson, Clara
Roberson, James Physical Plant 1977-1979
Roberson, Laura
Roberson, Mary Dining Services 1978-1979 no file
Roberts, Ann Physical Plant 1970-1977
Roberts, Barbara A. Dining Services 1970-1971
Roberts, Barbara G. Physical Plant 1974 no file
Roberts, Beulah Physical Plant 1970-? no file
Roberts, Brenda University High 9/18/1969-6/1970
Roberts, Carlton
Roberts, Carol Physical Plant no file
Roberts, Charles Economics 1969 -? no file
Roberts, Clarice Physical Plant 1977-?
Roberts, Clinton Dining Services 1964-1975 no file
Roberts, David
Roberts, Diane
Roberts, Edith Student Affairs 1966
Roberts, Elizabeth Refugee English Program 1980 no file
Roberts, Gary Public Relations 1961-1962
Roberts, George Industrial Education 1973 -? no file
Roberts, Griff Student Affairs 1961-1965
Roberts, Helen Physical Plant 1976-?
Roberts, Joseph
Roberts, Julia Education 1974 -? no file
Roberts, Norma Physical Plant 1976-1978
Roberts, Richard Education 1974-?
Roberts, Robert Philosophy 1973-?
Roberts, Ronald Pritn Shop 1966 no file
Robertson, Betty Career & Vocational Education 1974-1975 no file
Robertson, Carol English 1969-?
Robertson, Don
Robertson, Gabrielle History 1914-1962 B27
Robertson, Halley Physical Plant 1970-? no file 
Robertson, James
Robertson, Lassie ?-1960 no file
Robertson, Lee Alumni Affairs, Director 1960 -1985; WKU-Glasgow 1988 no file
Robertson, Mary Physical Plant
Robertson, Randy
Robey, Emmett Computer Center 1972-? no file 
Robins, Nell Physical Education 1925 1926 no file
Robinson, Alma 8/16/1972-6/30/1989
Robinson, Delanyard
Robinson, Erna
Robinson, E.S.
Agriculture ?-1924
Robinson, John
Robinson, Max Physics 1968 -? no file
Robinson, Patricia Eagle University 1972 no file
Robinson, Robin
Robinson, William
Robison, Dorothy Student Affairs 1965-?
Robison, Nancy History 1969-1970
Rockhill, Sharon Educational Television 1975 no file
Rockwell, Wayne Farm 1963-?
Rodes, Mary Library 1923 1925 no file
Rodes, Sally Music 1913 1930 
Rodes, Sara English 1961-1962
Rodes, Sarah Library 1929 1931 
Rodriguez, Daniel
Roelke, Cynthia
Roemer, Charliene Physical Education 1930 1936
Roenker, Daniel Psychology 1976 -? no file
Rogers, Adeline
Rogers, Alecia
Rogers, Alice
Rogers, Dan
Rogers, Elizabeth Dining Services 1974-1979 no file
Rogers, Laura Dining Services 1974-1979
Rogers, Richard
Rogers, Sue
BGBU 1960-1961 no file
Rogers, Sylvia
Sociology 1941
Rogers, Wayland Music 8/16/1970-8/15/1973
Rohrer, Wilda Business Office 1971-1972
Roit, Marsha
Rollins, John Military Science 1963 1965 no file
Rollins, Mary Home Economics 1968-1969
Roman, Frederick History 1907 1908 no file
Roman, Paula Switchboard 1967 no file
Romines, Starlene Dinign Services 1977 no file
Romsa, Gerald Geography & Geology 9/1/1969-7/31/1970
Rone, Dennis Physical Plant 1977-1978
Rone, Garvin Military Science 1961-1962 no file
Rone, James Physical Plant 1973-1977
Rone, Milton ?-1958 no file
Rone, Pamela
Rone, Rita
Rone, Robert
Rone, Wanda
Roney, Peter
Rooney, Herbert Foreign Languages 9/1/1965-5/15/1971
Rooney, Kathleen History 8/16/1970-5/1971
Roos, Louis Purchasing 1966-1968
Roper, Lois Mathematics 9/1/1965-8/15/1971
Rose, Carroll Chemistry 9/1/1967-1968
Rose, Claude Music 1945-6/30/1977
Rose, Gerald
Rose, Lovette Art 1970 no file
Rose, Lucille Music 1949 1960 no file
Rose, Mary
Rose, Ray Physical Education 1966-?
Rosenthal, Mark
Ross, Norbert Science 1928-1959
Rossi, Romano Darlene Business Office 1968-1969 
Rothwell, Thomas, Major Military Science 1925 1931 
Roundtree, Arlene
Rountree, Aline Physical Plant 1970-1977
Rountree, Edna Dining Services 1965-? no file
Rountree, Garland Dining Services 1970-1971 no file
Rountree, Harold Physical Plant 1970-1971
Rountree, Kathleen University Libraries 1976-1978
Rountree, Mary Student Affairs 1957-? no file
Rouse, Raymond
Rouse, William
Roush, Bly
Rowans, David Sociology 1/1/1970-3/5/1971
Rowe, Alice Library Services 1976 -? no file
Rowe, Calvin Military Science 1955 1956 no file
Rowe, Donald Engineering Technology 1969-?
Rowe, Nora
Rowe, Steve Student Affairs 1968-1970
Rowland, Jonnell English 9/1/1969-8/15/1972
Royal, Charlotte Physical Education 1966-1967
Royalty, Walter Security 1960-1968
Ruberto, Leo Reading & Special Education 8/16/1974-12/20/1976
Ruby, Judith Philosophy & Religion 1969-1970 no file
Rucker, Judy English 1964-1966
Ruckman, Paul Economics 8/16/1974-5/10/1975
Rudisill, Mabel Education 1934 1947
Rudolph, Evan
Ruff, Loren Speech & Theater 1975 -? no file
Runner, David
Runner, Elizabeth
Runner, Etta secretary 1924-1963
Runner, Kermit Physical Plant 1976-? no file
Runner, Mary Physical Plant 1971-1972 no file
Running, Joseph Music 1955-1957
Rush, Linda
Rush, Michael Health & Safety 1974-1981
Rush, Paula University Libraries 1970-1973
Rushing, Elinor
Russell, Irene Music 1907 1909 no file
Russell, John Engineering Technology 1973 -? no file
Russell, Kayelene Academic Affairs 1975-? no file
Russell, Margaret Training School 1921 1925 
Russell, Marvin Ogden College 1962-?
Russell, Nancy Library Science 1974 -? no file
Russell, Pam
Russell, Sallye Home Economics 1969 -? 
Russell, Terry
Russell, William Biology 1948 1950 no file
Russie, L.W. Military Science 1955 1958 no file
Rust, Jerry
Rust, Judith
Rutherford, Emily Training School 1966-?
Rutherford, Ruth secretary 1929-? no file
Rutherford, Tim
Rutledge, Barry
Rutledge, Diane Library Services 1973 -? no file
Rutledge, Lucille Business Office 1965-1968
Rutledge, Margaret Dining Services 1972-1979
Rutledge, Walker English 1969 -? no file
Rutter, Laura Health & Safety 1979-1980
Ryan, Barbara Biology 1964 no file
Ryan, Margaret Education 1967-1972
Ryan, Michael
Ryan, Robert Sociology 9/1/1966-8/31/1969
Rzeszowski, Phyllis Potter College 1971-?

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