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Western Kentucky University

WKU Archives - Faculty/Staff List - K Surnames


This is an alphabetical listing of faculty and some staff who have worked at Western Kentucky University compiled from a variety of sources. WKU Archives does not hold files on all former employees. This list does not include current members of the faculty and is a work in progress.

Personnel records of faculty and staff may include information regarding education, awards, honors and correspondence. Directory information regarding deceased faculty or those who left the university 30 or more years ago may be made available to patrons by request in the Harrison-Baird Reading Room. 

These records are in WKU Archives record group UA1D University Wide Personnel File.  A collection inventory of open files is available on TopScholar and will be updated quarterly as the records are processed. For more information contact the WKU Archives at

Kakar, Yeerinder
Kakas, Christopher Art 8/16/1976-7/31/1978
Kakas, Karen Art 1977 B37 F13
Kalab, Kathleen Sociology 1968-? no file
Kang, William
Karr, Mary Elementary Education 8/16/1972-8/15/1974
Karsner, Maxine Engineering Technology 1970-1976
Karsner, Milo Physical Education 9/1/1966-7/31/1976
Kash, Alice College Heights Foundation
Kashkooli, Heidar
Kaufman, Freida Student Affairs 1974-?
Kaul, Arthur
Keady, Loyd "Gene" Athletics 1978-1980
Kearney, Janis Hydrology 1975
Kearney, Joseph Government 1968-? no file
Kearny, Edward Psychology 1961 1962 no file
Kearny, Mary Ann English 1969-?
Keck, Peggy Business Administration 1968-?
Keeling, William Sociology 9/1/1966-1970
Keeton, Martha Student Affairs 1972-1974
Keeton, Sylvia Applied Arts & Health 1971-1973
Keffer, Melissa Student Affairs 1976-1979
Keith, Terry Physical Plant 1969
Kell, Carl Speech & Theater 1972-? no file
Kell, Mary Jones-Jaggers 1973
Keller, Don Psychology 2/1/1969-8/15/1971
Keller, Wayne Chemistry 2/1/1968-1969
Kelley, Betsy Nursing 1969
Kelley, Helen Home Economics 1948-?
Kelley, Horace Training School 9/1/1965-1968
Kelley, Lee Physical Education
Kelly, Timothy
Kelsey, Elaine
Kelton, Terry Physical Plant 1970
Kemble, Robert Campus Police ?-1975
Kemp, Elizabeth President's Office 1961-?
Kendall, Edith Student Affairs ?-1969
Kendall, Michael Literacy Center 1965-1966
Kendall, Samuel
Kennedy, Elaine
Kennedy, Hilda Dining Services 1975-1976
Kennedy, William Military Science 1976-1980
Kensey, Alton Military Science 1946 1947 no file
Kent, Christine Physical Plant 1979
Keown, Charles Student Affairs 1951-?
Keown, Darlene
Keown, Debbie
Keown, Dorotha Dining Services 1974-?
Keown, Jeanetta Business Education 1970-1971
Keown, Jewell Bookstore
Keown, Mark Physical Plant 1977-1978
Keown, Pamela Physical Plant ?-1980
Keown, Paul
Keown, Pauline Physical Plant 1973-1978
Keown, Wanda Library Services 1971-1974
Kernohan, William
Kerr, Virginia Library 1923 1926 no file
Kersenbaum, Sylvia Music 1976-? no file
Kersting, Carol Nursing 1979-1980
Kersting, Frank Speech & Theater 1976-? no file
Kesler, Jackson Speech & Theater 1976-? no file
Kessinger, Alberta Purchasing 1971-? no file
Kessinger, Lucy Dining Services 1965
Kessinger, Marie Dining Services
Kessinger, Walter Physical Plant 1964-1965
Key, Beverly
Key, Margaret Physical Plant 1977-?
Keyser, Lynda Registrar 1970-1973
Khurana, Rakesh
Kibbee, Douglas
Kibbee, Josephine
Kidd, Edwin
Kidd, Onzell Elementary Education 2/1/1969-5/15/1971
Kieffer, Leigh Physical Education 9/1/1968-8/15/1972
Kiewra, Gustave Counseling Services 8/16/1972-8/15/1976
Kim, Sun Kil 9/1/1964-6/2/1967
Kim, Tae Guk Mass Communications 9/1/1968-8/15/1971
Kimmell, Elsie Education 1926 1928 no file
Kinard, Jerry
Kinder, Valerie
King, Anna Literacy Center 1965-1966
King, Bailey
King, Catanna
King, Dan Physical Education 9/1/1963-1964
King, Dannie Personnel 1978-1979
King, Frederick Speech & Theatre 8/16/1971-8/15/1972
King, James Physical Plant 1976-1980
King, Jane Campus Police 1974-1977
King, Jeannette  Training School 1930
King, Judith Library Services 1975-1976
King, Mavis
King, Terry Academic Affairs 1974
King, Trudy Physical Plant
Kingery, Jimmy Agriculture 1970-1971
Kinkade, Vernice Physical Plant 1971-1980
Kinnaman, A.J. Psychology 1906 1926 no file
Kinnear, George Physical Education 8/16/1973-8/15/1974
Kinnison, Harlan Military Science 1965 1967 no file
Kins, Julie
Kinser, Barbara Physical Plant 1976-1977
Kinser, Linda Student Affairs 1968-1977
Kinser, Noreen
Kinser, Paul Physical Plant 1965
Kinslow, Alcie Home Economics 1921 1925 
Kinzel, Wayne
Kirby, Billy Campus Police 1974-1975
Kirby, Charles
Kirby, Henry Chemistry 1962
Kirby, Howard
Kirby, Janette Student Housing ?-1979
Kirby, Linda Student Housing 1976-1979
Kirby, Olivia Dining Services
Kirby, Richard
Kirby, Roy Physical Plant 1970-1971
Kirby, Venia Physical Plant 1974-1979
Kirby, Wendell Physical Plant 1971-1972
Kirchner, Alfred Military Science 1952 1954 no file
Kirchner, Fred Physical Education 9/1/1967-5/8/1976
Kirchner, Joy Physical Education 9/1/1967-9/30/1978
Kirk, Beverly
Kirkland, Vicki Libraray Services 1978
Kirkwood, Elizabeth
Kish, Jacqueline Student Affairs 1976-1977
Kissel, Ruben Agriculture 1961-1965
Kitchens, Bonnie Dean's Office 1966-1967
Kitchens, Kathryn Dining Services 1977
Kitchens, Patty Telecommunications 1965-1967
Kittinger, Larry Purchasing 1972-1980
Kleeman, Walter Family Living 1974-1980
Klenk, Robert Sociology 2/1/1968-5/29/1970
Klinestiver, John Military Science 1955 1956
Knight, Glen Student Financial Aid 1977
Knight, Lee
Knight, Lofton
Economics 1937
Knight, Michael Biology 1/16/1972-9/15/1972
Knight, Murrel Agriculture 1978-1979
Knight, Raymond
Knight, Rose
Knight, Sandra
Knight, Tony Agriculture 1965
Knob, Edward Music 1956-1965
Knott, Gladys Physical Education 1927 1932 
Knott, Leslie University Attorney 1971-1974
Knowles, Ervan Military Science 1948 1950 no file
Knutson, Richard Hydrology 1976
Koch, Joan Home Economics 9/1/1966-5/31/1970
Koch, Nyann Library Services 1970-1971
Koch, William Physical Education 9/1/1966-6/30/1972
Kockritz, Kathleen Dining Services 1973-?
Koehler, Kelley
Koenig, Mary
Koenig, Sally Library Services 1971-? no file
Kohl, Priscilla Dean's Office 1972-1976
Kohl, Robert
Kohn, Ira Library 1976-?
Kolker, Lloyd Physical Education 8/16/1973-6/7/1976
Komp, Richard Physics 2/1/1968-12/18/1972
Koon, William English 9/1/1965-5/30/1970
Koper, James Education 1966-?
Krakoviak, Sarah Physical Education 8/16/1978-8/15/1980
Kramer, Dwight Biology 2/1/1967-8/1/1969
Kramer, Paul History 9/1/1969-6/15/1976
Kramer, Ronald Economics 9/1/1964-8/15/1975
Krantz, Jetta Computer Center 1976-1977
Krantz, Leon 1970-2011
Kraus, Eugnid WKU-Ft. Knox, ?-1980
Kreisler, Carl Education 1959-1972
Krenzin, Joan Sociology 1966-? no file
Krenzin, Robert Mathematics 1964-? no file
Kreutzer, James
Krick, Ken Student Affairs 1972-1973
Kriz, Peter Foreign Languages 2/1/1970-6/1/1970
Kruer, Robin
Kruwell, Vicki
Ku, Grace Teh-Kong Nursing 9/1/1969-5/29/1970
Kubic, Ruth Academic Services 1966-1971
Kuehn, Deborah
Kummer, William Recreation 1975-? no file
Kunz, Thelma Agriculture
Kunz, Walden Physics 7/1/1965-8/31/1967
Kuykendall, Henry Physical Education & Recreation 1976-1977
Kuykendall, Lillie University Libraries 1969-1970
Kuykendall, Mary Accounts Payable 1967-1970

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