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Western Kentucky University

WKU Archives - Faculty/Staff List - G Surnames


This is an alphabetical listing of faculty and some staff who have worked at Western Kentucky University compiled from a variety of sources. WKU Archives does not hold files on all former employees. This list does not include current members of the faculty and is a work in progress.

Personnel records of faculty and staff may include information regarding education, awards, honors and correspondence. Directory information regarding deceased faculty or those who left the university 30 or more years ago may be made available to patrons by request in the Harrison-Baird reading room. 

These records are in WKU Archives record group UA1D University Wide Personnel File.  A collection inventory of open files is available on TopScholar and will be updated quarterly as the records are processed. For more information contact the WKU Archives at

Gabehart, Keith Accounting, 1964-
Gable, Hazel
Gaddie, Shannon Library Services 7/15/1974-8/13/1976
Gaddis, David Physical Plant 12/8/1976-8/4/1977
Gaddis, Marshall
Gaffney, Ron Academic Affairs 8/1967-9/1967
Gailbreath, Ruth Business Affairs ?-3/8/1971
Gaines, Beverly Graduate School, Archaeology 7/15/1969-?, 6/27/1976- 9/30/1976
Gaines, Doris Registrar ?-5/30/1958
Gaines, Hallie Training School 1925-1935
Galbraith, Lilyan Home Economics 9/1/1968-7/31/1970
Galbreath, Effie Physical Plant 5/1/1964-2/5/1968
Galitz, Donald
Gallegos, Jose
Galloway, Charlotte Secondary Education 8/1966-1/1967
Galloway, Glenda Physical Plant 10/1/1971-
Galloway, Shirley Physical Plant 9/24/1971-3/19/1973
Galluzzo, Gary
Gamble, G.C. Education, Dean 1923-1925
Gamble, John Food Services 1963-8/31/1967
Gamble, Lee Physical Plant 3/1/1966-10/23/1967
Gambrel, Robin Food Services 8/23/1975-11/17/1975
Gammon, Dolores Public Relations 3/18/1968-10/13/1971
Gammons, Lelie ?-11/30/1962
Gann, Alice
Gann, Brenda
Gann, Linda Physical Plant 4/12/1977-7/31/1978
Gann, Louise Training School 1935-1936 no file
Gann, William
Gardner, Jesse Publications Workshop 6/19/1977-1977
Gardner, Sarah Administrative Affairs 6/1/1963-5/31/1973
Garland, James Physical Plant 5/1/1968-5/23/1968
Garner, Bessie Physical Plant 1975-? no file
Garretson, Hayward Physical Plant 9/1/1968-10/31/1969
Garrett, Betty Extension Service 1965-1967
Garrett, Charles Physical Plant 3/28/1977-9/20/1978
Garrett, Dorothy Library Services 1952-3/31/1976
Garrett, Edward Teacher Education 1952-8/15/1974
Garrett, James Downing University Center 2/1/1971-5/15/1971
Garrett, Harold Physical Plant 10/1/1962-9/22/1972
Garrett, Paul President 1937-1955 
Garrett, Theresa Marie
Garrett, Virginia Landscaping 1955-8/31/1961
Garris, Sarah University Libraries 1930-1943; Library Science 1943-1958
Garrison, Bonnie Physical Plant 8/11/1977-9/10/1977
Garrison, Jewell Food Services 1973-?
Garrison, Ernest Physical Plant 1/4/1973-4/20/1977
Garst, Patricia Business Affairs ?-1971
Garvin, Ronald Health Programs 7/1/1969-1/1/1971
Gash, Larry Physical Plant 2/1/1977-4/1/1977
Gaskey, David Physical Plant ?-3/1/1969
Gaskey, Thelma Food Services 1/1968-9/13/1969
Gaslin, Sue Education 6/6/1966-1/27/1967
Gass, Jane Health Services 9/23/1975-1977?
Gaston, Edward Physical Plant 3/31/1969-1/15/1970
Gates, Sheila Bookstore 8/22/1977-9/5/1977
Gatewood, Lavinia Teacher Corps 8/1/1976-6/14/1978
Gatewood, Phyllis
Gatlin, Wanda English 9/1/1966-?
Gavrilaviez, Stella Art 1937
Gaynor, Gregory
Gebhart, W.L. Music 1907-1909
Geary, Shirley Library Services 9/1/1969-8/19/1974
Geeslin, Dorine Educaton 1969-
Geier, Walter
Geis, Thomas Sociology 9/1/1967-8/31/1968
Gelderloos, Carla Library Services 9/5/1972-9/7/1973
Gendron, Ernest Sociology 9/1964-1966
Genestre, Alain
Gensler, Cynthia Credit Union ?-7/28/1977
Gensler, Linda
Gentry, James Physical Plant 3/1/1967-11/9/1967
Gentry, James Jr.
Gentry, Janet
Gentry, Jerry Student Affairs 8/16/1974-7/31/1978
Gentry, Joseph
Gentry, Sue Library Services 12/16/1973-7/31/1973
Gentry, Ploma Food Services 2/1/1964-5/2/1965
Gentry, Vicki Library Services 9/8/1975-6/12/1978
Gentry, Vivian Student Affairs 10/28/1970-1/15/1971
Gerard, Frank
Gerard, Theresa
Gerard, Virginia Registrar 6/15/1959-?
Gerhart, Philip Physical Plant 2/5/1976-5/8/1976
Giamartino, Gary Student Affairs 8/15/1974-7/1/1976
Giamartino, Susan Business Affairs 9/17/1974-7/19/1976
Gibbens, Ona Garrett Center 9/1/1966-1/31/1969
Gibbons, David
Gibbs, James Teacher Education 8/16/1971-
Gibbs, Jerry
Gibbs, Larry
Gibbs, Linda
Gibbs, Roger
Gibbs, Roxie Training School 1935-1941
Gibbs, Shirley Home Economics 1972?
Gibson, Ann Business Affairs 9/1/1966-?
Gibson, Dee Public Affairs 1965-
Gibson, Donna
Gibson, Donnie
Gibson, James Leon
Gibson, Janice Nursing 1964-
Gibson, John
Gibson, Lena
Gibson, Lurene Elementary Education 6/15/1959-7/31/1972
Gibson, Margie Bookstore 1972-?
Gibson, Sharon
Gibson, Sullivan Geography 1930-1932
Gidcumb, Moody
Gilbert, Alfred
Gilbert, Bess
Gilbert, Charlotte
Gilbert, Lawrence Physical Education 7/1/1969-7/31/1985
Gilbert, V.O. Education 1908-1912
Gildersleeve, Brenda
Giles, Lee
Gill, Mohaninder
Gill, Sheryl
Gill, Susan
Gilland, Jerry
Gilliam, Ralph
Gilliam, William
History 1932-1964
Gillis, John
Gillon, Gary
Gilman, Peter Foreign Languages 8/16/1973-3/24/1975
Gilmer, Claudine
Gilmer, Francine
Gilmer, Shirley
Gilmore, Frances
Training School 1945-1946 
Gilmore, Hal
Training School 1949-1952
Gilmore, Hertan Foreign Languages 1947-1948
Gilton, Donna
Gipson, Colleen
Gipson, Judy
Gipson, Lena
Gipson, Lorene
Gipson, Millard Agriculture 1956-6/25/1978
Gipson, Teresa
Girgis, Monir Geography & Geology 9/1/1965-1966
Given, Kyle
Given, Robert
Given, William
Givens, Douglas
Givens, Ed Public Relations 1962-1978 no file
Givens, James
Givens, Susan
Gladman, Orin Elementary Education 8/7/1966-8/16/1970
Glahn, James
Glanville, Jerry
Glaser, Joseph English 1969- 
Glaser, Louise
Glaser, Vanessa
Glass, Darrell Print Shop 11/15/1971-
Glass, Edith
Glasscock, Carolyn
Glasscock, Joseph Training School 1961-1962
Glasscock, Noel Geography 1936-1939
Glasser, Jane
Gleason, Larry Biology 1970-
Gleaves, Edwin
Gleaves, Sara Library 1969-
Gleichowski, Deborah
Gluhman, Joseph
Gnann, Edith Physical Education 1930-1931
Goad, Barbara
Goad, Edward
Goad, James
Goad, Tommy
Godbolt, Janice
Godby, Fogle Allied Health 10/15/1969-12/31/1981
Godby, Richard
Godby, Robert
Godfrey, James Music 1958-1982
Goetter, Robert
Goetz, Sylvia
Goins, Edgar Student Affairs 9/1/1966-?
Goins, James
Goins, Maxine
Golen, Steven
Gonterman, Joyce
Gonzalez, Jose
Gonzalez, Luis
Goodbread, Frances
Goodbread, Lonice
Goodfield, Alan Geography & Geology 9/1/1965-
Goodin, John
Goodman, James Geography 1956-1964
Goodman, Martha
Goodman, Mary Biology 1961-1963
Goodman, Roger
Goodman, Ronnie
Goodrow, Bruce Health & Safety 1975-
Goodrum, Jim Health Services 6/1/1970-7/1/1978
Goodwin, Lawrence Military Science 1969-1971
Goodwin, Roger
Gordon, Daniel
Gordon, David Continuing Education
Gordon, Joe Ann Physical Education 1963-1964
Gorham, Billy
Gorham, Henry
Gorski, June Health & Safety 8/16/1972-8/15/1974
Gott, Margaret
Gott, Susie Food Services 1973-?
Gotting, Jack
Gould, Mary
Education 1931
Gour, Robert Military Science 1965-1966
Gouvas, Elaine
Gouvas, Henrietta
Gower, Sandra
Grady, Thomas
Gragg, Karen
Graham, Anne Library Services 8/25/1975-7/19/1977
Graham, J.T.
Graham, James
Graham, John Business 1977-
Graham, Kenneth
Graham, Lilyan
Training School 1934-1940
Graham, Lonnie
Graham, Nancy
Graham, Peggy
Graham, Robert
Graham, Sara
Library Science 1928-1929; 1930-1956
Graham, Vere Agriculture 1928-1931
Graham, Wallace
Grainger, Elizabeth
Grainger, Linda
Gramling, Michael
Gramling, Nettie
Grant, Vivian
Graves, Aletha Training School 1913-1920
Graves, Dorothy
Graves, Jeannine
Gravstein, Alan
Gray, David
Gray, Donald
Gray, Elmer Graduate College 1968-?
Gray, Loraine
Gray, Lon
Gray, Mary
Registrar's Office
Gray, Peggy
Gray, Tim
Greaney, Libby Health Services 1995-2011 no file
Greason, Kenneth
Greeley, Lynn Ogden College 1967-?
Green, Adrienne
Green, Arlene
Green, Carl
Green, Charles
Green, Larry Stephen
Green, Maribeth
Green, Mary
Green, Rhoda Elementary Education 8/16/1972-1973
Green, Robert Geography 1907-1920
Green, Mrs. Robert Hall Director 1908-1914
Green, Walter
Green, William Art 9/1/1969-8/15/1973
Green, Zaidee English 9/1/1967-8/15/1968
Greene, Charlotte
Greene, Doug
Greene, Victoria
Greenlee, William Special Education 8/16/1975-8/15/1978
Greenwell, Brenda
Greenwell, Margaret
Greenwell, Phillip
Greenwell, William
Greenwood, James Physical Plant 1974-?
Greer, Horace
Greer, Richard
Counselor Education 1974-
Gregorian, Leon Music 1977-1986
Gregory, Clark
Gregory, Goldie
Gregory, Ina
Gregory, Jessie
Gregory, Morris
Gregory, Robert
Grekoff, Dallas
Greulich, Jennifer Jones-Jaggers 8/16/1972-9/29/1972
Grice, Dorsey Psychology 1973-?
Grider, Lottie
Griesch, Rita
Griffey, Julia
Griffin, Barry
Griffin, Frank Physical Education 7/1/1946-8/15/1984
Griffin, Hubert Housing 1/1/1962-?
Griffin, Judson Geography 1932-1949
Griffin, Kathy
Griffin, Rebecca
Griffin, Ronald
Health Services 1969-1971
Griffin, Sheila
Griffin, Steven
Griffing, Jean
Griffith, Keith
Griffitt, Margaret
Griggs, David
Griggs, George
Grignet, Patricia
Grimes, James A.
Grimes, James D.
Grimes, Ralph
Grimm, James Sociology & Anthropology 1972-?
Grimsley, Carol
Grinstead, Kenneth Education 1962-1964
Grinstead, Vera
Grise, Finley Latin, Dean 1913-?
Grissom, Bea
Grissom, Terry Real Estate Program 8/28/1975-12/31/1975
Grogan, Charolene
Grogan, Dana Dental Hygiene 8/16/1974-5/15/1976
Groome, Eugene Music 1952-1953
Groschelle, Frank
Gross, Henry
Gross, Jimmy
Gross, Lois
Gross, Raymond Physical Plant 1980-1987 no file 
Groth, Anne
Grugin, Stephen
Grumbacher, Steven Media Services 12/1/1974-8/15/1978
Grundmeier, Edith Home Economics 1956-1960
Gruneisen, Therese
Gudikunst, Arthur
Gudmumdsson, Saemundur
Guffey, Charles
Guffy, R.G. Physical Plant 1966-? no file
Guilliams, John English 1907-1911
Gullett, Marvin Campus Police 1/1/1969-8/26/1969
Gunderson, Hugh Music 1940-1957
Gupton, Marilyn Industrial Arts 9/1/1965-?
Gustafson, Philipp  Music 1948-1949
Guthrie, Charles English 9/1/1968-6/30/1984
Guthrie, Vera Teacher Education 1958-?
Gutierrez, Luz OCST 1975
Gwaltney, Mildred Teacher Education, 8/16/1971-
Gwin, Helen Dietician 1930-?

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