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Organizational Leadership Undergraduate Advising

Undergraduate Advising for Organizational Leadership

Welcome!  We believe that we are here to help advise you in picking your classes, and towards your graduation. However, we want YOU to take ownership of your education. In that regard, we have an Advising Worksheet that we ask you to fill out before coming to your advising appointment. On this worksheet you will answer a few questions, and pick out at least four classes plus two alternates. 

For a video explaining the advising process, visit here: https://youtu.be/8LZBw4IOuTo

It is also important for you to review your iCAP - an acronym for interactive Curriculum and Academic Progress. An iCAP Audit show all the requirements needed to fulfill all of your degree requirements for WKU, including: GPA, major/minor, general education/colonnade, and university requirements. Students may also run "What-If" audits to compare current coursework to other majors. Click here for a Step by Step Guide on how to run the iCAP and how to read it.

General Education or Colonnade?

Enrolled Prior to Fall 2014: General Education Requirements

Enrolled Fall 2014 and On: Colonnade Plan Requirements

Additional information about general education requirements can be found here.

Schedule An Advising Appointment on TopNet

NOTE: Summer appointments are made via email, not via TopNet. You do not have to see an advisor to register for summer courses. You can schedule an appointment to see your advisor via Topnet and directions/video for that can be found here, and below.

  • Log into TopNet
  • Click "Student Services"
  • Select "Registration"
  • Choose "Schedule an Advising Appointment" at the bottom of the page
  • Click "Schedule an Appointment"
  • You will be prompted to select a term from the drop down box. Select carefully - remember that you are making an appointment for the semester you are currently in, NOT the semester which you would like to discuss.  For example, if you want an appointment in October select Fall.
  • The next drop down box will have a list of your assigned advisors from which to choose.
  • After you have selected an advisor, the next screen will come up with their monthly view of the advisor's available times.  You can navigate through the months by using the arrows on the left hand side of the screen.  Each day that the advisor has availability will have a green box telling you how many time slots the advisor has available.  Click on the day that you want the appointment.
  • On the next screen, choose the time you want to make the appointment.
  • You can also choose a reason for the meeting, add notes to your advisor, and/or add a phone number. Press submit to complete your appointment reservation.

Interested in Organizational Leadership as a major or the Joint Undergraduate Masters Program?

Interested in Organizational Leadership as a Minor?

Contact Dr. Kristie Guffey


Dr. Kristie Guffey

Assistant Professor

Office:  Tate Page Hall 223
Phone:  (270) 745-3966
Email:  kristie.guffey@wku.edu

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