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US Bank Celebration of the Arts 2017 Awards

Modern Sugar Chest

US Bank Celebration of the Arts
2017 Award Winners

Best of Show - Jill Ferree- Barren River
Kentucky Museum Purchase Award - Yvonne Petkus - Under the Radar
WGST Merit Award - Beth Hester - Untitled


Amateur Ceramics and Glass
1st place - Garry Taylor - Bowls of a Feather
2nd place - Garry Taylor- Bursting with Pride
3rd place - Joanie Draughon- Pandora's Box


Amateur Fiber Arts
1st place - Jennifer Brindley- Randall in Love
2nd place - Sarah Helland - Autumn in Blue
3rd place - Jennifer Brindley - Papa


Amateur Mixed Media
1st place - Laura Boggs - Leaving
2nd place - Rachel Smith - Dreamer
3rd place - Brenda Roberts - Lion of Judah


Amateur Painting
1st place - Janet Elliott- Setting Sun "Beach"
2nd place - Peggy McKenzie - We Three Pears
3rd place - Kim Spradlin Hanna - Hiking with Tooker


Amateur Photography
1st place - Ilana Blunt - Viewfinder
2nd place - Julie Barrick - Yellowstone Great Grey
3rd place - Patricia Haley - Kentuckiana Gateway


Amateur Sculpture
1st place - Robert Goodwin - Tri-colored Heron
2nd place - Robert Goodwin - Snow Owl
3rd place - Teresa Haley - Through the Window


Amateur Watercolor
1st place - Marge Deller - Mountain Scene
2nd place - Sharon Wassom - Love is Alive
3rd place - Terry Wilson - The Ecotone


Amateur Works on Paper
1st place - Lorena Ingram - Untitled #1
2nd place - Holly Oglesbee - Love, Sometimes
3rd place - Johnny O. Johnson - Red Foxx


Professional Ceramics and Glass
1st place - Lynette Haggbloom - Genesis
2nd place - Donna  Schulte - I Will Rise
3rd place - Bob  Brigl - Story Untold


Professional Fiber Arts
1st place - Sunny Shepherd - Hearthfire
2nd place - Lynne Ferguson - Pussy Hat – January 2017
3rd place - Kennedy Pruitt - Irish Countryside


Professional Mixed Media
1st place - B.J. Jordan - Bechtel Summit Skateboards
2nd place - Andrew Wielawski - Acrobat
3rd place - Jason Anderson - Ain’t Cut Out to Be No Jesse James


Professional Painting
1st place - Victoria Layne - Homage to Jenny Saville's, "Reverse"
2nd place - C. David Jones - Winter’s Bone
3rd place - Sydney Herndon - Consuming


Professional Photography
1st place - Michael Ingram - Things to Come
2nd place - Gretchen Gilkey - Untitled
3rd place - Cheree Federico - Moody Blues


Professional Sculpture
1st place - Elizabeth Hoffman - Harnessed
2nd place - David Marquez - Jaques 003/Crabby
3rd place - Wade Watson - Modern Sugar Chest


Professional Watercolor
1st place - Steve Clay - Dumpster Dive
2nd place - Tom Poole - Bikes n’ Trikes
3rd place - Nancy Azneer -Peach Bloom


Professional Works on Paper
1st place - Tylerann Lay - Princess Leia
2nd place - Leslie Nichols - My Dear Sister
3rd place - Hamilton Brindley - Gate House into Prospect Park
Honorable Mention - Sara Volpi - Kentucky



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