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SJ&B Student Facts

The Western Kentucky University School of Journalism & Broadcasting's reputation for excellence and tradition of success continue to attract outstanding faculty and top students from across the nation. The School boasts 26 Pulitzer Prize winners among its alumni and faculty while Western Kentucky students consistently place near the top of the overall William Randolph Hearst Competition and have finished first 19 of the past 21 years in the photojournalism category of that contest.

As one of only seven Programs of Distinction in Kentucky the School's mission is enhanced through support for the Center for 21st Century Media, the Continuing Media Education Institute and the Kentucky High School Media Institute. The School also features the Mountain Photography Workshops, Imagewest -- one of the nation's few for-profit, student-run advertising and public relations agencies, the WWHR national award-winning student radio station and professional television and photography studios. Students are afforded extracurricular opportunities including our award-winning student newspaper, yearbook, newscast, and the Emmy Award winning public television station and public radio network. The School also provides students with numerous internship, workshop and international experiences. We are dedicated to making sure that our students have every opportunity to become leaders in their chosen professions. 


WKU SJ&B Undergraduate Enrollment*

  Fall 2013** Fall 2012 Fall 2011 Fall 2010 Fall 2009
Advertising 119 118 129 132 131
Broadcasting 295 329 340 324 359
Film 148 103 117 32*** n/a
Mass Communication 24 22 26 28 30
News/Editorial 98 125 120 144 154
Photojournalism 122 136 171 170 175
Public Relations 98 121 119 100 107
Total 904 954 1022 930 956
*Official university enrollments do not include second majors.
**Anticipated enrollment as of 06/19/2013.
***1st term offered.


WKU SJ&B Student Retention Rates

  First Year Second Year Third Year
Entering Class WKU SJ&B WKU SJ&B WKU SJ&B
2008 73.66% 72.73% 63.70% 61.57% 57.81% 57.02%
2009 73.68% 78.60% 63.43% 69.77% 58.21% 64.65%
2010 73.18% 80.98% 64.36% 74.15% n/a n/a
2011 71.34% 88.41% n/a n/a n/a n/a


WKU SJ&B Graduation Rates

  Third Year Fourth Year Fifth Year
Entering Class WKU SJ&B WKU SJ&B WKU SJ&B
2006  .20% n/a 26.58% 31.97% 44.69% 52.04%
2007 .46% .41% 25.29% 33.88% 45.19% 54.96%
2008 .81% .83% 26.54% 30.58% n/a n/a
2009 1.29% .93% n/a n/a n/a n/a


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For further information regarding WKU Facts visit: http://www.wku.edu/instres/fact_book.php


Accreditation Complaints Statement


The Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communication invites all students and other persons to report incidents in which they can present evidence that a journalism/mass communications unit has violated accreditation standards.

The School of Journalism and Broadcasting at Western Kentucky University, like all other accredited units, is required to inform all students of this invitation.

Such reports must be made in writing to:

Peter Bhatia, President, ACEJMC
Editor and Vice President
The Oregonian
1320 S.W. Broadway
Portland, OR 97201
(503) 221-8393 Fax: (503) 294-5012
E-mail: pbhatia@news.orgonian.com
(Term expires 2013)

ACEJMC maintains records of all complaints it receives and their resolution. The School of Journalism and Broadcasting is required to maintain records of student complaints and their resolution.

A copy of the accreditation standards is available in the department office.

For more information, click the link below to go directly to the ACEJMC Homepage.


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