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Computer Information Technology

CIT 310 Systems Architecture I(3.0 hours) Web
Prerequisite: CIT 300
Introduction to applied technology and computer architecture. Emphasis will be on hardware specification and selection, troubleshooting, maintenance and optimizing system performance.12 modules, 1 exam

CIT 312 Systems Architecture II(3.0 hours) Web
Prerequisite: CIT 310
Introduction to software elements of the computer, including operating systems, programming tools and system utilities. Course will emphasize these elements in an applied, organizational context.11 modules, 1 exam

CIT 370 Telecommunications I(3.0 hours) Web
Prerequisite: CIT 300
Overview of modern networking systems, including networking fundamentals, local-area networks, routing addressing, wide-area networks, remote access and security. Emphasis on applied technology used in organizational settings.15 lessons, 5 labs, 1 exam

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